‘Gilmore Girls’ Makeup Is Here And We Need All Of It

ICYMI, the Gilmore Girls revival is literally days away (22 days to be exact) and we’re practically losing our minds with excitement.

There’s just so many questions that need answering. What ill-fated romance will Rory stumble upon next? Will Lorelai and Luke get married? And what will Emily do without Richard? Someone tell us!

In anticipation of the eagerly awaited world premiere, all sorts of Gilmore-related news has been surfacing. From Ryan Gosling’s previously unheard of audition to an IRL Stars Hollow festival, we can’t get enough. The latest, we’ve just discovered is a Gilmore Girls makeup line and we need it, ALL of it.

According to HelloGiggles, Gilmore Girls lip balms, nail polishes, and eyeshadows are now in existence.

*Squeal* Is this real life? We might need a minute.

A collection of 3 individual GG-themed lip balms are the creation of Urban Tee Farm.

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Hello vicious trollop! 

The “Vicious Trollop” is an orange and vanilla flavored lip balm with a pink tint, “Spring Break” is mango mint, and “Java Junkie” is unsurprisingly, a coffee-flavored balm. Each balm costs roughly $5.25 and they can also be purchased as a set for about $12.

The eyeshadow collection comes from Brija Cosmetics with 17 different shades each inspired by a specific character.


Tbh, the “It All Comes Out In Moron” is probably my favorite (per Lorelai’s advice on love) next to “The Lazy Runs Deep” (thanks Paris Gellar). The full collection is already sold out, but don’t panic individual shades can still be purchased.

Finally, the Gilmore Girls nail polish was made by a company called Nvr Enuff.

There are currently three sets, comprising of shades such as “Festival of Living Art” (inspired by the episode where Lorelai and Rory pose as different famous paintings along with other iconic Stars Hollow characters), “Town Meeting” (because Taylor Doose holds them every damn week), and “24 Hour Dance-a-Thon” (the episode where Rory and Dean breakup because Rory can’t stop staring at Jess for the entire dance).

Of course, there is a decent amount of sparkle because it wouldn’t be Lorelai and Rory if there wasn’t.

Ummm can we have them all?

Needless to say these will be at the top of our Christmas lists this year.

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