11 Signs Your Coworker Is Becoming Your New BFF

We know going to your 9-5 every single day, 5 days a week (sometimes more) can be unbelievably draining. Even if you have an amazing job, some days you still feel like a drone going through the motions in autopilot and praying for the weekend to come.

The only saving grace from this monotonous weekly routine, is having a work BFF. Someone who holds you up on those days that you feel like you might fall asleep at your desk, makes you laugh about the embarassing thing you accidentally mentioned at the all-staff meeting, and takes you for fishbowl margaritas after a shitty day at the office.

She’s become the main reason you even show up at your job anymore and you’d probably be very lost without her. Thank god, she got hired.

1. You can seamlessly transition from work topics to personal conversation without any need for explanation.

Obviously, if you’re at work you’ll inevitably have to spend a good portion of your time discussing business, but it doesn’t take long for a conversation with your favorite colleague to veer towards personal topics. One minute you’re chatting about quotas and deadlines, then it’s back-and-forth banter about that whether that guy at the bar was trying to be sweet or a was just creeping. To other coworkers your conversation probably doesn’t make any sense, but why are they eavesdropping anyway?

2. They can pretty much read your mind.

Whether you’re in the middle of a seemingly endless meeting or you’re slaving away at your computer for hours on end, one look across the room to your favorite coworker says it all. To anyone else, it might appear to be just a look of frustration, but your bff knows exactly what bitchy supervisor is pushing your buttons and they automatically nod in agreement.

3. You’ve definitely cried in front of each other.

Everyone has their days when life just feels like it’s never going to cut you a break and one snippy remark from your boss sends you sobbing over the edge. You and your work bff have most definitely seen each other at your very worst and tbh, they’re usually the only ones that can help you laugh about it. Then, when 5pm finally rolls around she’ll take you for a much-needed happy hour at your favorite bar without even asking.

4. They help you cover up your massive hangover and you do the same for them.

Going to work the morning after a night of heavy drinking is never a fun experience. Fortunately, your work bff is either in the same boat because they were barhopping with you all evening OR they just know the struggle all too well and can help to ease your pain/keep you from getting in trouble with your boss. Either way, they’re your hangover savior, providing copious amounts of coffee and heroically sheilding you from any difficult questions during that staff meeting you forgot about. What would you do without her?

5. You have inside office jokes that no one else understands.

Because that’s what happens when you spend every waking moment together. Think about it, you spend the majority of your life at the office 8 hourse a day, 5 days a week. It’s a little depressing actually, but at least you have someone to suffer with and someone to talk shit with all day long. Your other coworkers have no idea what kind of shenanigans you and your bff have gotten into on the daily and that’s probably for the best.

6. If HR went through your chats, you’d both be screwed.

One of the only ways to survive your 9-5 is being able to take a break from those status reports and chat online with your bff. The endless stream of highly inappropriate gifs and nonsensical gossip is your only comedic relief and you’d probably be lost without it. However, if HR randomly decided to sift through your message history one day, you’ll both have some interesting explaining to do.

7. You share common work enemies.

You know, that one bitch that seems to enjoy making your life a living hell? Your bff can’t stand her either and the two of you take pleasure in your shared hatred for said bitch. Whether this means shit-talking over chat or the subtle behind-her-back gestures, you find a way to laugh about your misery.

8. You’re always each other’s automatic lunch dates.

When you finally reach the glorious midday hiatus from your computer screen, you both look to each other for lunch plans without even thinking about it. Sure, you’re open to others joining you, but let’s be real you’re glad when they don’t. You probably need to talk about that guy again or your friend’s unbelievably horrid roommate anyway.

9. The other employees have come to recognize you as a package deal.

You know you’re becoming bff’s with a coworker when everyone else in the office begins to automatically pair you together. They don’t even attempt to make plans with one of you and not the other, nor do they dare talk crap about either of you to the other one. You’ve become two inseperable peas in one pod and everyone knows it.

10. They’ve pretty much become the only reason you’re able to stand going to work everyday.

We all know the work days are long and unbearable at times, but at the very least you have someone you actually enjoy seeing every morning. Someone who knows that you’d rather be at home in bed with your dog watching Netflix. Thanks to them, going to the office isn’t complete and utter misery.

11. And when one of you is out sick the other feels incomplete.

On days when your fave colleague/bff is MIA from the office due to illness or all around lack of desire to leave their house, you realize that you feel like a shell of a human. Some part of you is missing and it’s practically unbearable. You might even need to take a half day and go check on her.

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