14 Women Share The Cringiest Thing They Ever Faked To Impress Some Guy

Whether you’re crushing hard on someone, hunting down a hookup, or even in a long-term relationship, being yourself can be easier said than done. One minute, you’re dropping a tiny white lie (“yeah, I love Phish!”), and the next, it has ballooned into a monster-sized schtick that you have to keep up like your life depends on it, because, OMG, that shared interest, no matter how faux, is necessary glue for your potential, long-term bliss! Ugh! Yes, you know you’ve been there.

Here, 14 women reveal the lamest, silliest, or downright cringiest things they ever pretended to be into (or not into!) to get with some guy.

1. “I learned everything I could about his religion.”

I got really into Hinduism for a month when I dated an Indian guy. Bought books and all sorts of dumb shit to learn about his religion, because I knew it was really important to him. Turned out he was just another fuckboy. – Kaley, 30

2. “I held his snake…”

I’m terrified of snakes to the point of before any trip, Googling, ‘Are there snakes at (insert destination)?’ But I actually held guy’s pet snake, because I was so into him. He still didn’t like me back. – Anne, 37

3. “The guy’s cat was his favorite thing! So, I had to love it, too, right?”

I really dislike cats, had a bad experience as a child, but pretended to like a guy’s cat for 8 months while we were dating, because it was his favorite thing in the world. I was sad when we broke up but happy to say goodbye to the cat. – Julia, 27

4. “I faked being into Pink Floyd.”

When I was 18, I pretended to like Pink Floyd so I could get free weed from a guy in my psychology class I had a crush on. – Koty, 31

5. “Yes, I know all of the things to know about art.”

When I was 22, I started dating a guy I was super into. Like, ‘OMG, this is the one, but try to be cool but OMG, I’m hyperventilating’ level of infatuation. He was a bit older and had lived a bit more of life than I had at that point, but I desperately wanted to impress him. So, the first time he took me back to his place I noticed he had all this art displayed. He started telling me about it, and I was like, ‘Oh, you don’t even have to. I know. I took art history in school. I know all of these. I love art.’ You know, trying to be cool and worldly and like I knew things. And he totally called my bluff and pointed to what I now know is a very well-known Picasso, and he was like, ‘Oh, then you know this one?’ And I did not know it or who it was by, but I tried to act like I did and he was asking me questions about it and he could tell I was totally clueless, and it was super-humiliating. – Ashley, 29

6. “I fell for a guy who loved Marilyn Manson.”

I actually read Marilyn Manson’s autobiography in full in college, because I like a guy who was a big fan. So stupid. – Kelly, 39

7. “I lost myself in the relationship.”

I tried pot in college, but it wasn’t for me. Fast forward 13 years, and suddenly, I’m dating a pot head. I liked him a lot so I remained open-minded and even smoked with him here and there—and picked up his other vices, too, like eating junk food and drinking beer, which were totally not my M.O. I’m a health and fitness nut! I lost myself in that relationship, and I’m so glad it imploded! – Cristina, 35

8. “I lied about loving waking up early to go biking!”

I pretended that I loved waking up at the crack of dawn to go mountain biking. The guy I was dating was a 5 a.m. mountain biker. He married me. I’ve since retired my bike and sleep late whenever possible. – Polly, 40 

9. “I acted like I had never had sushi before. Ha!”

I pretended to have never eaten sushi, to convince a guy to take me on my ‘first’ sushi date. I cringed and made silly faces while eating, when secretly, I was a huge fan and just wanted an excuse to have a date with said guy! – Kristin, 35

10. “OMG, I love snowboarding!”

I hate being cold and doing anything where I could get hurt. But I spent a whole winter pretending to love snowboarding to impress this guy I was dating. I was sore for weeks after we broke up, but he was a dead ringer for the lead singer of Dashboard Confessional, so on the whole, it was worth it! – Megan, 32

11. “I am not a huge country fan!”

I pretended to love country music for the duration of a three-year relationship. I don’t really mind country music generally, but I am certainly NOT the fan I made myself out to be. – Kate, 30

12. “Joke’s on me!”

I pretended to be interested in my partner’s WWE viewings, but the joke’s on me…because I ended up getting into it! – Brie, 32

13. “I acted like I was cool with very scary amusement park rides.”

It was on an early date with my now-husband. I braved a few roller coasters by slamming my eyes shut and trying not to shit myself, but then, he suggested we go inside one of those god-forsaken flying orbs that’s attached to stretchy rope or whatever and goes super high into the sky. You had to pay extra for it and sign up at a booth, so it wasn’t like the other park rides. I was like, ‘SURE, I’M SO GOOD WITH THIS’ all the while having a quiet panic attack. This was toward the end of the day so we get to the booth, and the ride is closed for the rest of the park hours. Thank you Jesus. I had a whole other year before we had to do summer amusement park trips again, and by that point, was comfortable enough to tell him I wanted nothing to do with being launched into the sky inside of a ball attached to fucking elastic. – Valerie, 34

14. “I pretended to be passionate about the same politics.”

A guy friend I had liked for years, who I thought was brilliant, became really passionate about a third party candidate during a presidential election. I actually canvassed for his candidate—even though I wasn’t really sure I believed in everything my friend was riled up about. I’m sure I learned a lot. Thankfully, by the time November 8 rolled around, I had realized the election was too important, and I needed to vote my conscience. Not sure if I ever told him how I actually voted, though! – Evie, 32

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