This Makeup Artist Created Kickass Beauty Looks For Every Astrology Sign

Setareh Hosseini is a makeup artist whose Instagram feed is full of amazing and complex looks, including some impressively-creepy special effects skeletons and gory monsters. However, her makeup looks inspired by the twelve signs of the zodiac are where it’s really at (in my humble opinion).

From a nautical-inspired Pisces, to a purrr-fectly feline Leo, Hosseini’s makeup is just the sort of inspiration we all need to unlock our inner celestial beings … or, you know, just go to the club.

While some of these makeup looks might be a tad dramatic for daytime wear (although I’m not judging — you do you, girl), they’re certainly a fun jumping-off point for considering how to incorporate your zodiac into your makeup look.


A dreamy look that’s perfect for the progressive-minded air sign. And who could resist that killer shoulder strobing?


This look will make you feel like a real-life mermaid. Who knew with faux fish scales could be so glamorous??


This dark, matte lip paired with a smokey cat-eye and septum piercing is serious #Style Goals.


Nobody can look at this bright and cheery Aries look without smiling (or pining for that nude lipstick).


It’s like the most beautiful version of Two-Face that’s ever existed! This let’s you indulge both sides of you personality at once — because it’s so hard to choose sometimes.


This vibrant makeup look is inspired by Cancer’s hard shell and fiery temper (with splashes of bold red), as well as their softer side (courtesy of some artfully-placed body pearls).


This very feline look gets some playfulness, courtesy of fake freckles and a serious power brow. Very attention-grabbing — just like Leo.


This fairy-like makeup has an earthy touch that speaks directly to Virgo’s true, innocent nature, while the sharp lines are influenced by their love of all things calculated and precise.


Just like any Libra, this makeup look loves balance — there’s perfect symmetry on both sides of the face. Plus, any member of this aesthetically-inclined air sign is bound to love that pop of blue eyeshadow.


This dark and dramatic look is perfect for any Scorpio  lady, because it definitely lets people know not to f*ck with you.


This look is almost 80’s-inspired, which makes it strangely fitting for light-hearted and adventurous Sagittarius.


Earthy, shimmery, and unapologetic AF — yep, this makeup is definitely fit for a Capricorn.

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