You Can Now Keep Your Spare Change Inside Of A Handmade Vagina

In today’s edition of “Things You Didn’t Know You Needed, But Now You Kind Of Want” we present to you, vagina change purses. Yes, purses designed to look like our lady parts are now in existence and tbh, we might just need one or two of them.

Thanks to one creative Etsy-er, you can cart around your spare change in an adorable little vagina that zips up called the Vachina.

Innovative designer Bec (also behind Not Made In China) has created a small purse for coins, tampons, and any other random tiny items you may have.


Similar to actual vaginas, these Vachinas come in diverse skin tone and hair options. There are three color options for the main body of the purse, four hair color options, and the choice of three common pubic hair designs.

The three hair designs (from left to right) even have their own back stories:

The Tidy Twat:
A beautifully manicured V design pubic hair zip up pouch, with delicate top stitching and fully lined with your choice of crushed velvet or cotton. This is the most classy of all the Vachinas. She’s timeless and elegant, and wouldn’t be out of place on 5th avenue.

The Overly Manicured Muff:
She’s smooth cotton all over, apart from a little landing strip that extends to the lobster clip. With the option of a “clitoral hood” piercing…. She is the most daring out of all the Vachinas! She’s fun, sassy and a real go-getter!

The 70s Porno Pussy:
She’s big, she’s bold, she’s brash… She may need a double appointment with her waxer one day, but she embraces her hair with a passion! She looks amazing lined with crushed velvet and her zipper and zipper pull just peeking through… It’s retro at its finest!

Ahem, may we have two of the 70s Porno Pussy please? I mean they just look so soft.

Each design is 10cm in diameter and according to the product description, “she can open up nice and wide too to fit larger items.”

These mini purses are also complete with their own lobster clips so you can turn them into key rings or bag accessories and the zippers keep everything secure.vagina-coin-purse-3

Shoppers also have a choice between crushed velvet or cotton interior. You know, in case they’re concerned about keeping their coins cozy. Each design also comes with a little “hood” on the top of the pale pink zipper that can be customized with a piercing. Sparkle, pearls and silver are available designs, if you’re in to that sort of thing.

The purse’s creator, Bec, told that the Vachina was actually a lucky accident.

“I was actually pattern drafting a headphones pouch and my pattern testers kept saying that it looked like a vagina, so to “prove them wrong” I made one to deliberately look like a vagina with a pink zipper and with faux fur. I posted it as a joke on my page to have a laugh and it exploded from there, with in 48 hours I had 55 orders for them!”

Bec says her purses make the perfect storage for headphones, menstrual cups, coins, and tampons, but “whatever anyone wants to stuff in their Vachina, that’s up to them.” We couldn’t agree more.

“As one lady said to me ‘men get to be proud of their willies, why can’t women be proud of their vaginas?’ And I think that’s an excellent point,” Bec said.

These Vachinas can be ordered off of Etsy for $19.70 and will come packaged in discreet brown paper, so no one has to know what you ordered unless you want them too (which you should.)

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