This Girl’s Dad Sent Her Mom Flowers After Their Divorce Finalized And We Can’t Stop Crying

Anyone who’s gone through a divorce or has been affected by one knows it’s never an easy situation. Of course, some separations are nastier than others, but it’s always tough on the kids involved.

17-year-old Morgan Lynn’s parents recently finalized their divorce and while it was understandably difficult, her father made the sweetest goodbye gesture that’s making the entire internet sob uncontrollably.

Morgan Lynn’s parents had been married for 19 years before recently filing for divorce.


Regardless of how many years they were married, we can only imagine how tough this must be on Morgan and her parents.

On the day the divorce was finalized, Lynn’s father sent her mother her favorite flowers along with a note that read, “Always gonna be you.”

screen shot 2016 11 07 at 11 42 54 am This Girl’s Dad Sent Her Mom Flowers After Their Divorce Finalized And We Cant Stop Crying

According to Buzzfeed, Lynn’s father would send his wife flowers whenever she was having a bad day. It was his way of giving a final goodbye. Lynn told BuzzFeed News that she “immediately cried” when she saw the flowers and card.

*Sniff* We’re not crying you’re crying!

Morgan decided to share her dad’s moving gesture on Twitter and people were truly touched.

Literally, everyone is crying…

…like a lot.




And many users wanted Lynn’s parents to work things out.

Needless to say, there are mixed emotions.

Lynn was extremely touched by the internet’s overwhelming response.

She told BuzzFeed News she was touched “seeing the responses and the love in people’s hearts.”

She then asked people to send pictures of their dogs in hopes of making her feel even better, a girl after my own heart.

Since then, over 200 pictures of adorable pups have been shared and we seriously can’t get enough.






There’s honestly no better way to cure your Monday blues.

We hope your day gets better Morgan, here’s a gif of endless puppy cuteness to make you smile.

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