This Savage Penguin Love Triangle Brawl Has Broken The Internet And My Heart

We’ve all been fed the lie that penguins are monogamous and choose partners to mate with for life. In one fell swoop, the internet has debunked that slice of fiction, proving real-life fairytales don’t exist. There goes my love life.

On Friday, National Geographic tweeted a video of a male penguin arriving home to his den, probably expecting some nice cuddles and a cold dinner with bae, and found his wife blubbered up with another penguin. A nasty brawl breaks out between the husband and the homewrecker penguin, and the gut-wrenching scene left many emotionally wrecked.

*wipes away tears* It’s fine. I’m fine.

Twitter quickly weighed in on the drama

And the memes quickly followed

Some wanted more penguin-on-penguin crime

And this tweet just knocks it out of the park

On the bright side, the husband penguin now has the entire internet’s support and can use that to find someone new. You were too good for her, Mr. Penguin. Find you a girl (or guy) who’s worth your love.

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