People Are Meme-ing The Hell Out Of This Terrifying Trump Cake

With election day beginning to wind down and the polls officially closing their doors, it’s only a matter of time before we discover who the next president will be.

In recognition of such a historically mortifying event, two “victory” cakes were made with the likeness of both candidates. And yes, they are absolutely terrifying.

According to Business Insider, the cakes were first spotted in outside of Trump Tower in New York ahead of Tuesday night’s election festivities.


Those might just be some of the most terrifying cakes we’ve ever seen. No desire to eat them whatsoever. Also, why does Trump look so depressed? Is this foreshadowing? We kind of hope so…

The internet was equally as horrified as we were by these detailed political facial features.

(Flanked by secret service 😂)

And the memes began…

But the real question is, what will happen to the cake when Trump loses?

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