People Can’t Stop Laughing At Donald Trump For Peeking At Melania’s Ballot

As you are well aware by now, election day has finally arrived and if we’re lucky soon it will be over. In the meantime, there are plenty of political shenanigans to entertain ourselves with. For instance, Eric Trump breaking the law by posting his ballot on Twitter. The apple clearly doesn’t fall far from the tree, does it?

The latest and possibly most hilarious coverage to come out is live footage of Donald Trump himself peeking over at Melania’s ballot as if he were trying to cheat on an 8th grade math test. Hey uhhh Melania, who’d you vote for? 

As Melania Trump prepared to cast her ballot today, Donald appeared to be peeking over as if to check on her selection.


Really? The one woman who actually tolerates his p*ssy grabbin’ behavior and he thinks she’s not going to vote for him? I mean, it would give us a ridiculous amount of sinister joy if Melania did decide to vote for Hillary. DO IT! DO IT!

Of course, the internet found this absolutely hilarious.

Apparently it’s a family thing…

Jesus Christ…


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