This Zoo Is Streaming Red Pandas All Day So You Can Escape The Election

The day we’ve all been dreading has finally arrived. Each and every site you go to today will likely be inundated with nonstop election coverage. We know it’s important to be informed, but the bombardment of political news can be a bit overwhelming.

Fortunately, the San Francisco Zoo has the most adorably perfect distraction and we could not be more grateful.

Amidst an insanely busy election day, the San Francisco Zoo will be live-streaming a trio of adorable red pandas.

Because who doesn’t love pandas just, you know doing unbearably cute panda things? I mean, look at that face!

The panda cam is said to go live at 1 p.m. ET on the Firefox Facebook page.


Native to regions such as Nepal, Myanmar, and central China, Red Pandas are also called Firefoxes (aaaannnd quite possibly the cutest things on the planet).

That red panda’s face is the embodiment of all of my feelings about this election.

These sweet creatures at the SF Zoo live in the Red Panda Treehouse.

Currently watching this on repeat until the live-stream starts. 😍

There will be three red pandas on today’s stream named Tenzing, Hillary, and Hunter.

This is Tenzing and according to the zoo his namesake was a Mount Everest sherpa.


Tenzing Norgay accompanied Sir Edmund Hillary to the world’s tallest peak in 1953. Well, he’s certainly a fierce little guy isn’t he?

Fun Fact: HRC once said she was named after Sir Edmund Hillary, but she was born well before 1953.

Needless to say, we will be glued to the panda live-stream for the rest of forever.

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