People Are Finding Comfort In Harry Potter After The Election

Following the highly unanticipated outcome of what will become known as the most historically mortifying election our nation has ever seen, people are seeking comfort in any place they can. Whether it be through comedic relief or curling up in fetal position and pretending last night was all a dream, the world is handling things anyway they know how.

Some are even picking up a favorite novel to get lost in for hours, like the ever-enchanting stories of a young wizard trying to defeat a dark lord. Even Hogwarts fell to Voldemort at one point didn’t they? We can always count on J.K. Rowling for an escape and a bit of hopeful perspective.

After Donald Trump’s unexpected victory, Harry Potter fans are taking solace in their favorite books.

“Even Hogwarts fell to Voldemort,” one fan reminds us.

People are trying their best to remain positive.

 And another army is assembling.

Of course, many are finding comfort in Dumbledore’s wisest quotes.

J.K. Rowling herself even had something to say…

The best by far though, was one user who found inspiration in an unsung hero.

Even on our darkest days, we still have Harry Potter.

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