10 Workouts Lazy Girls Can Stream On Their Computers

Working out, while physically beneficial, is quite spiritually-taxing. Changing into tight exercise clothes, going to the gym after or before a long day of work, dealing with other humans and their sweat and body odor — sometimes, it seems far more appealing to bust a chill in the comfort of your own apartment.

Well, fortunately for those of us too lazy to go outside to exercise, there is actually a pretty brilliant solution: online workouts.

Not only are these fitness options available anywhere with internet access, they take away any excuses you might have for not being active! So, if you want a tool that’s actually going to motivate/guilt into getting in shape, look no further than your own computer screen.

Here are some great online workouts for when you would rather stay at home than schlep your stuff to the gym:

1. Barre3

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Barre3 workouts combine barre, Pilates and yoga to create a variety of workouts which are perfect for doing in smaller spaces. You can even do some of the workouts at your desk! The best part is that membership is only $15 per month.

2. Ballet Beautiful

Ballet Beautiful was founded by Mary Helen Bowers, who helped Natalie Portman prepare for her role in Black Swan. The site offers online streaming videos, as well as interactive classes. “Attending” a class will run you about $35, but an entire month’s subscription to the online streaming videos only costs about $40.

3. Crunch Live

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Chances are, you’re familiar with Crunch Gym. Well, what if I told you that you didn’t actually have to leave your house to take a class there? Crunch now streams many of its group fitness classes online, and only charges users $10 a month. Score!

4. FitnessGlo

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FitnessGlo is a great online fitness site for multiple reasons: not only does it only cost $12 per month, but it also allows you to set weekly fitness goals, and hold yourself accountable to them.

5. BeFit

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I’m not sure if you were already aware, but the amazing BeFit YouTube channel is totally free. The channel offers a wide array of videos from different fitness gurus (like Jillian Michaels), and has them organized into different categories to make choosing your workout even easier.

6. Pilatesology

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This online streaming service gives you access to multiple workouts with celebrity Pilates instructors. And don’t freak out if you’re a Pilates newbie — they have classes which cater to all experience levels. Check it out for only $19 per month.

7. SBF Streaming

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Fitness guru Suzanne Bowen created SBF Streaming to provide online users with barre, mat, interval, and stretching routines at the touch of a button. There are usually no pieces of equipment involved (just a mat), so these are easy to do if you’re short on time or space. The monthly cost for these streaming workouts is $10.

8. Daily Burn

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Daily Burn features a huge array of workout videos — from 15-minute cardio, to 60-minute yoga, offered at all different levels of experience. You truly get a diverse workout experience with this streaming service, and it’ll only cost you around $10 per month for unlimited access.

9. Jessica Smith TV

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Not only does Jessica Smith create free, streamable workout routines on a regular basis, she does them in the company of her little Frenchie, named Peanut. Even better than the cute puppy is the fact that the free routines are updated on a weekly basis, so your workouts never get boring.

10. Buti Yoga

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Buti classes are advertised as “cardio-intensive bursts of tribal dance, primal movement + conditioning woven into a dynamic yoga practice.” Which, honestly, sounds like a pretty interesting reprieve from typical yoga classes. While the monthly fees are on the pricey side ($40/month), the quality is definitely higher than many similar online workout sites.

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