19 Guys On Things They Will Never Understand About Women

It’s no secret that, at times, men tend to have trouble understanding even our most mundane habits. We’re really not that mysterious guys, we put our bras on one boob at a time just like everybody else (as Tina Belcher would say.) However, we do find their confusion to be pretty hilarious and it’s often a source of entertainment for us.

When Reddit asked its male users about things girls do that absolutely baffel them, we couldn’t help but peruse the responses and they did not fail to leave us doubled over in laughter.

1. Sorry nubsauce87, that’s just the way things are. Be patient.

My GF asks me if I’m ready to leave, so I put my shoes on, and start to leave. I get to the door, and she’s not even close to ready to leave. She still needs to put on socks, put on her shoes, get her wallet, her coat, grab her phone, etc.

Even if I give her a good five minutes after she asks if I’m ready to go, she still does this shit! It drives me insane.

2. Okay, this is pretty adorable, exhibit_Z.

Towel hats. I don’t understand how do almost all girls innately have the skill to make those. I was skyping with my younger sister once and she was wearing a towel hat. I asked her where she learnt to make that. She looked confused and said that she didn’t need to learn it. It is easy.

This was a time when I had a fair amount of hair in my own head. I tried doing the hat. I ended up with a lump of towel, more than half of which was on my face. Towel hats. I don’t understand those cute but complicated things.

3. The_devils_advocate6, we really don’t know.

Why do girls (some) think that making a guy jealous will make him like you more???

4. DarkerStix, maybe it was a metaphor?

The other day my wife told me i should go fishing. then she got pissed off when I went fishing. Why?

5. We don’t even know how we do it, byarsan.

Pop a human out.

6. IranianGenius, don’t be so hard on yourself.

Some girls are interested in me, and I find that hard to understand.

7. It’s complicated, walla_walla_rhubarb.

Why do women wait to show interest after I’ve started dating another woman? That’s some twisted fucking logic, “I kinda sorta like him, but he seems interested, so I better ignore him – – wait he’s interested in someone else? No pay attention to me!”

Not saying all women do this, but I’ve had this exact thing happen 3 separate times.

8. flxdg, just get her something anyway.

My gf hates me if I gift her something.. And argues if I don’t.

9. Mattxy8, maybe don’t wear headphones then!

If I’m on my computer, but not wearing headphones, I can play games all day without a single word being said to me as she watches her shows. The second I put headphones on it’s like suddenly everything needs to be discussed. Just talking to me about anything for no reason just because headphones are on, what the fuck?

10. historyisforwinners, that’s kind of beautiful.

Married for 10 years and it still astounds me how clearly my wife can experience emotion. It is really hard for me to do that. She describes feeling emotion as treading water in the middle of the ocean and getting hit with waves of emotion you can’t get away from. She describes me as standing on the shore and seeing it but not really experiencing it. It is spot on but I can’t fathom crying because of something I see on television.

11. Pidgeapodge, it’s just the way we are.

How girls can be very affectionate without any mixed signals.

I mean hugging, draping themselves over each other, etc. without either party being confused as to the intent.

As a guy, I can hug my male friends, but generally for certain reasons, and usually in a certain way. Otherwise, my friends may wonder if I feel something more than friendship for them, and will be confused. Signals will be mixed.

But to female friends can behave almost exactly like a couple (minus kissing) but will just… intuitively know exactly what the others intentions are.

12. PM_ME_YOU_PEEING_, we’re marking our territory.

Why they leave fucking hair clips all over my house.

13. Because we have things to talk about, branmichael.

I don’t understand why they always pee together. Even in single bathrooms!

14. BigOldCar, we could not agree more.

Two girls show up wearing the same dress.

“Well, one of us is going to have to go home and change.”

Really? Why? It’s not like it’s a big secret that the outfit came from Ross and there was a rack full of them.

15. It’s unfortunate, but true Occams_Flathead.

The whole scenario where two girls act like they are best friends to each others face and then trash talk each other the moment that they separate. I feel like this isn’t nearly as common in guys, but I could be wrong.

16. Because they’re cute, imamistake420.

Why the hell would anyone want to wear uncomfortable shoes??? I will never not make fun of my gf for that.

17. Yeah it’s just a thing, european_male.

Change their clothes 3 times at least until deciding they wear a good enough outfit go to out of the house.

18. DefinetlyNotACop, this happens all too often.

Me:”where do you want to eat”……… My GF: “I don’t care just pick a place”………….. Me: “Italian it is!”……………GF: “No”………. Me:”Sushi?”……..GF:”No”…… Me:”Mexican?”……GF:”No”……Me:”HOLY FUCKING SHIT IF YOU REALLY DON’T FUCKING CARE THEN STOP SHOOTING DOWN ALL MY FUCKING IDEAS AND JUST FUCKING PICK FOR YOURSELF!!!!”

19. justworkingmovealong should probably avoid us on Black Friday.

Shopping as recreation. My wife will spend 2+ hours every time we go to the grocery store, it would maybe be 20 mins if I were alone. Not even going into all the other stores she goes into… “Shop til you drop” is a thing, and I don’t understand why.

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