Watch This Veteran Get Surprised With His Very Own Service Dog Because You Deserve To Smile

As our nation attempts to recover from the overwhelming shock of the 2016 election results, we do our best to find solace in the fact that all hope is not lost. There are plenty of positive things happening around the world. Amidst all of this political craziness, a dedicated U.S. Army veteran was surprised with his very own service dog by the Knicks basketball team and this special moment will give you all of the feels.

After waiting 18 months, this veteran was surprised with a service dog during Wednesday night’s Knicks game.

During a timeout at Wednesday night’s game in Madison Square Garden, the Knicks recognized Luciano Yulfo, a sergeant first class of the U.S. Army. Yulfo served for 36 years and recently retired after suffering severe injuries in Afghanistan.

He has been on the waiting list for a service dog for the past 18 months and thanks to the NBA’s “Hoops for Troops” program, he finally got one. Yulfo’s new pal is a spunky adorable Golden Retriever named Murphy.

According to Fox Sports, this special moment was produced by the Paws of War, a foundation that trains and places rescued dogs to serve and provide independence to United States military veterans who suffer the emotional effects of war.

I’m not crying, you’re crying! 😭

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