People Are Losing Their Damn Minds Over A Hot Young Joe Biden

Though the 2016 election will continue to claim media headlines well into the foreseeable future, a recent discovery made by the thirstiest minds of the internet will have us pleasantly distracted for at least a few days.

It’s no secret that Obama and Joe Biden’s adorable friendship has captured our hearts, but what we didn’t know is that young Joe Biden was actually fine as hell and we might need a moment to deal with this information.

Joe Biden and Obama’s friendship has always been pretty adorable.

And people have been hilariously meme-ing the hell out of their “conversations” following the election results.

But, it’s recently been discovered that young Biden was hot AF and the internet’s thirst is on a whole new level.

screen shot 2016 11 14 at 9 07 43 am People Are Losing Their Damn Minds Over A Hot Young Joe Biden


I mean…

Needless to say, Twitter is having some serious feels…

This might take a while to digest.

One user even has the hots for a young Bernie Sanders.

Others are mildly horrified, but can still appreciate the beauty.

And some think Biden is still fine as hell.

He’s become the yardstick we will measure every man by.

So, if you find yourself feeling hot and bothered by pictures of young Biden today, know that you are not alone.

Thank god for the internet…

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