Taylor Swift’s New Album Is Rumored To Be A “Mix Of Hip-Hop And R&B” Because Why Not

Last week, we thought Drake and Taylor Swift were dating. Now it’s even worse than we imagined. They’re….. *holds back sobs* making an album together. According to The Sun, Taylor Swift is experimenting with new musical realms and is looking for her next album to be “a real mix of edgier hip-hop and R&B sounds.” Swift enlisted Drake, the biggest hip-hop name in the game right now, to help her with a more “urban sound”. Well um… I mean yeah okay sure.

After the release of Drake’s last album,  the Canada native faced some criticism on his appropriation of Caribbean-inspired sounds for his mega-hits ‘One Dance’ and ‘Controlla’. The trend of pop stars gentrifying their sound to appeal to younger and broader audiences is nothing new, but I have to admit I’m a bit worried about this direction for Taylor. Maybe she’s planning a Kanye/Kim diss track?

Obviously, twitter had some words.

Easy twitter. Easy…

Honestly, I’ll probably buy the album. Mostly for the drama.

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