12 Women Share Guys’ Most Ridiculous Reactions To Their Fashion Choices

I’ll never forget one of the early dates I went on with my now husband. We took a long walk after dinner even though I was wearing sky-high stilettos that perfectly matched my just short enough skirt. He raised an eyebrow as he saw me wobble and then steady myself. We made it maybe two more blocks before I told him to stand still. I held onto his shoulder as I removed one heel, placed it in my bag, and put on a sparkly flip flop before doing the same on my other foot. It’s amazing we didn’t end things right there, because he looked horrified. I, however, felt free to continue our walk for as many more blocks as he wanted to go.

Ever since, my husband freaks if he spots a pair of heels on my feet and flip flops in my bag. “Why are you wearing the heels at all if they’re so uncomfortable?” he always asks and he always gets the same response: “You just don’t get it!” It’s too exhausting to explain why it’s worth wearing the cute death traps on my feet for the part of the night where I want people to see them and why comfort only bests fashion when we’re getting in an Uber or walking a million miles to the car to go home.

Here, 12 women weigh in with the ridiculous reactions their SOs have had to their own style choices.

1. Why so many shoes?

“My husband always asks, ‘Why do you need so many shoes? You know you can only wear one pair at a time, right?’ He does this especially when we’re packing for a trip but also in general. But I may have an obsession with shoes.” – Sonia C., 33

2. You just bought that?

“My husband just completely forgets everything I wear. For instance, I put on a dress this morning that I bought two years ago and have worn a hundred times, and he was like, ‘That looks great on you! Is it new?'” – Nicole M., 41

3. Is that you Robin Hood?

“Whenever I wear a tunic paired with leggings, my husband never agrees. He’s always repulsed by the combo and tells me I look like Robin Hood and his Merry Men!” – Melanie C., 39

4. Did you dress for the E.R.?

“Once my husband told me a dress I had one looked like a hospital gown! It was kind of true. But I wore it anyway!” – Emily W., 36

5. Sweet, takin’ style cues from the Karate Kid!

“Once I bought those loose pants that are cuffed at the bottom, and my husband asked me if I was going to a karate match!” – Jenny D., 39

6. What, what’s that? A new dres—NICE RACK!

“When I ask my boyfriend how I look, he says, ‘All I see are boobs!'” – Melissa S., 32

7. Are you Wonder Woman?

“Whenever I wear knee-high boots, my husband always refers to them as my ‘superhero’ boots.'” – Amy I., 30

8. Ditch the sparkles!

“When I first moved to Minnesota from New York City, my now fiancé told me to ‘ditch the sparkles.’ My entire closet was sparkles! I truly felt like a part of me would die if I had no sparkles!” – Nikki B., 32

 9. It all looks the same.

“I have a scarf obsession, and my boyfriend still cannot understand why I have so many scarves. He says things like, ‘They all um…look kinda the same?’ Mind you, they are ALL different designers, colors, shapes, and sizes. He sorta had an Andy from the Devil Wears Prada moment when she couldn’t understand the two similar belts!” – Antonia M., 28

10. Wow, babe, you’re as beautiful as a…penguin!

“I was once dating this guy who would say that I looked like a penguin EVERY SINGLE TIME I wore black and white—without fail! How could that remind anyone of a penguin if you are not from Alaska?” – Laura C., 29

11. Score me a free oil change?

“I wore an olive green romper once and only once. Husband asked if I had recently acquired a job as a car mechanic. Said romper has since been donated.” – JoAnne M., 30

12. Are you off to the Colosseum?

“I was wearing my favorite black leather skirt that has a built in belt at the waistband and was feeling fabulous. My S.O. asked me if I was trying out to be a gladiator!” – Hollie D., 29

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