We’ve Officially Reached Peak ‘Mannequin Challenge’ Because Now These Dogs Are Doing It

The latest and greatest internet trend aptly titled the #MannequinChallenge has been sweeping across news feeds for a few weeks now. From muscular gymnasts holding unimaginably difficult poses to celebs like Blac Chyna freezing mid-labor, this viral social challenge is on a whole new level.

Just when we thought it couldn’t get any more ridiculous, people started filming their very well-trained dogs taking on these statuesque poses and it’s too cute to handle.

Dogs everywhere are taking over the Mannequin Challenge and we can’t get enough.

Can we take a moment to acknowledge this owner’s impeccable training abilities? I love my dog, but I don’t see any possible situation in which she’d be willing to sit that still for even a second.

And this French Bulldog has officially won every Mannequin Challenge EVER.

Slay Maggie, slay.

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