Jimmy Kimmel Asked A Bunch Of Innocent Little Kids What They Think Of Donald Trump

Children are kind of brilliant, so it makes sense to ask their opinions on important social matters. If the kids aren’t weighing on our societal decisions, then what is this? Total anarchy??

Jimmy Kimmel Live asked random kids on the streets of Los Angeles what they thought about Trump becoming the next President of the United States. Surprisingly, the responses were simple, honest, and surprisingly insightful.

And yes, they were also pretty hilarious.

While many parents were concerned about what they would tell their children in the wake of the election results, it’s pretty apparent that these particular kids have a pretty good handle on the situation.

Some of the more priceless reactions to questions about Donald Trump include:

  • Saying, “I dunno, he’s really rude.”
  • Making an angry face.
  • Calling him “an idiot.”
  • Saying,”I don’t really care, ’cause I’m Canadian, but I don’t like him.”
  • Deciding that Trump “should be a plumber … ’cause then he gets dirty, and he has to clean the toilet.”
  • Dissing Trump by saying “he does look like a dope.”
  • Doing some surprisingly accurate imitations (including a Darth Trump impression).
  • Yelling, “He’s gonna be YUUUUGE!”
  • Admitting that Trump would be a bad babysitter.
  • Saying they wouldn’t want Trump to be their dad because “he might murder my mom.”

And, of course:

  • Crying uncontrollably.

The most amazing thing is that the reactions of these children are really no to different from the reactions of many adults throughout the country after the election. Except very few of us were curled up in strollers (I assume).

It also gives me hope that any of these kids might run for president someday — because they couldn’t possibly be any less prepared for presidency than Donald Trump, right?

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