6 Real Women Who Made An Impact On College Campuses

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It’s no secret: women are currently kicking ass in 2016. And waiting patiently for matters to change is simply not their style. In fact, many of these badass babes have gotten a jumpstart on making a difference while sitting in their oh-so-stylish college dorm rooms.
So if you’re looking for a little lady inspiration, look no further. Here are seven women who already made some serious moves – without moving off campus.

Emma Horst-Martz, Connecticut College

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Every woman has had that one moment of panic. Your period shows up … unexpectedly. And Connecticut College’s Emma Horst-Martz decided to do something about it by creating a program on campus that provides free tampons in on-campus bathrooms. In addition to being convenient, Horst-Martz hopes the program also works to lessen the stigma around periods in general. “I know students who’ve missed class and social engagements when they realized they were having their period and didn’t have any supplies with them,” says Horst-Martz. And thanks to her, all that is going to change.

Ali Safran, Mount Holyoke College

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In order to give others a voice, Ali Safran began her organization, Surviving in Numbers. A victim of sexual assault herself, she posted a sign where the attack took place to officially take a stand. Others followed suit, and soon Safran had enough images to create an entire Tumblr of posters. Safran hopes this will inspire others to speak out as well. “Sometimes it takes someone else speaking out to get them to speak out,” she says. And so far, she’s been right.

Emily Kaufman, University of Michigan

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It’s all Greek to Emily Kaufman. The U-of-M junior is rushing to try and be the first transgender woman to join a sorority at the Ann Arbor institution. However, her road to sister-dom has not been so straight-forward. According to Cosmo, “The National Panhellenic Conference is the largest Greek umbrella organization for women, overseeing 26 sororities … but only three of these sororities have formal, public policies saying they welcome transgender members.” However, that doesn’t mean that Kaufman won’t have a chance. For now, she’s focusing on making friends at the sororities. “I don’t want them to see me as the trans girl,” says Kaufman. “I just want to be Emily.”

Elisabeth Tavierne, Ohio State University

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Tired of spinning her wheels on the elliptical at the gym, Elisabeth Tavierne decided to change up her on-campus workout in a major way. She decided to found CHAARG, an empowering community of college-aged women that encourages one another to “find their fit.” Set up like a sorority (only sweatier) this group has gained traction across the country. So, where do we sign up? “To become a member of CHAARG you have to sign a contract, hand in a membership fee and be a woman—no fitness experience necessary,” says Tavierne. Easy enough! The hard part is, of course, the workout.

Meghan Warner, University of California Berkeley

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For Meghan Warner, standing up for the rights of sexual assault victims was a very personal decision. Being a victim herself, Warner wanted to make sure that others had the resources they needed to get help and be heard. Now she serves as the director of Berkeley’s sexual assault commission. Working as an activist, Warner says she wants to be the “modern Gloria Steinem – spreading the necessity for consent and justice.” Well, she’s off to a kick-ass start.

Jessica Jin, University of Texas at Austin

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Is that a dildo in your pocket or are you just joining Jessica Jin’s “Cocks Not Glocks” on campus gun protest? The UT alum had the idea for the phallic demonstration when a law that allows students to bring a concealed weapon to campus passed in Texas. Rather than carrying a gun, which would be legal, Jin asked students to carry dildos, technically illegal, to demonstrate the absurdity of the laws. “Hopefully students will leave dildos on their backpack as long as there are guns in students’ backpacks,” says Jin. So far, the movement has certainly sparked a lot of conversation and the students don’t plan on quieting down any time soon. Looking to get in on the action? You can learn more at: cocksnotglocks.org.

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