Someone Uncovered Footage Of Original Disney Channel Stars Making Their Wand IDs And They’re F*cking Amazing

Do you remember running home from school to catch your favorite OG Disney Channel shows like Lizzie McGuire and That’s So Raven? Of course you do, they were only the cornerstone of our youth. And in between programming you became ridiculously excited by iconic stars like Hillary Duff using a wand to draw her own pair of mouse ears, (yes we remember those too).

Well, some inexplicably wonderful human being discovered behind the scenes footage of said stars making their wand IDs and they’re pure gold and also, unbearably awkward.

Thanks to Twitter user @Hollylikeablvd you can now spend hours watching Disney Channel stars like Raven Symone making their wand IDs.

As amazingly nostalgic as it is to be able to watch these after years of bingeing on Disney Channel, they’re also extremely awkward…right? How many times did they make them trace those damn mouse ears? Clearly, Raven was not feeling those last few takes.

America Ferrara’s footage was also shared and it’s pretty adorable.

And perhaps our favorite, Hillary Duff who doesn’t even appear to know what she’s drawing.

Mouse ears Lizzie, Mouse ears.

Duff’s on-screen bff Lalaine was also among the treasured footage.

Can we just take a moment to appreciate the way she draws the logo? So chill, couldn’t even be bothered and those pants…

We might just need a Lizzie McGuire marathon like, now.

Remember Zenon? AKA Kirsten Storms.

Can we get some Proto Zoa up in here?

Then Tia and Tamara Mowry took their turn.

Sister, Sister! Yeah, we know you’re already singing the theme song.

Followed by their brother Taj Mowry.

And it wouldn’t be Disney Channel without Beans.

Oh, Beans why were you always so goddam weird AF?

Needless to say, we will be re-watching all of these videos for at least the next year, especially since this handy playlist exists so you can see all 15 segments in a row:

You’re welcome.

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