16 Gift Ideas For Anyone Who’s On A Plane Way Too G*ddamn Much

Every year the holidays roll around, and despite your best intentions you can never seem to a.) make it to the airport on time, b.) get through airport security without forgetting to empty your pockets, and c.) find an open electrical outlet to charge your phone/laptop/tablet.

But, without the trials and tribulations of holiday travel, we wouldn’t have the incredibly grateful feeling we get when we finally walk through doors and into the open arms of loved ones.

We all know someone (or are that someone) who has to set 4 different alarms to catch the red-eye, and pays way too much at the airport for bottled water. Make traveling a bit easier on the road-weary with these sweet gift ideas.

1. A Portable Multi-Device Charger

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Give the gift of convenience with a power bank that can charge your phone and your tablet at the same time! When your recipient doesn’t have time to find an open wall outlet between connecting flights to charge up, this compact little guy can get the job done. Plus, it’s got a digital display that tells you how much juice you have left.

Get it HERE

2. A Reserve Battery Phone Case

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We do pretty much everything on our phones these days, so it’s no wonder your last charge barely makes it from security to baggage claim. Listen to music, watch, read, text and talk with more than 60% more battery when you use Mophie’s juice pack reserve chargeable case.

Get it HERE

3. These Luggage Pods



They may look a bit nerdy, but as soon as your intended recipient puts these bad boys to use they’ll never go back to the old way of packing. Packing cubes keep your shirts, pants, undergarments, etc, from spilling out into the black hole that is a suitcase. And this RePackMe set has an added bonus: it comes with a dirty laundry bag for your unmentionables.

Get it HERE.

4. A Super Bright Luggage Tag


Screen Shot 2016-11-15 at 6.39.26 PM.png

Why does everyone insist on getting black luggage? It isn’t until 45 identical black bags come tumbling down the conveyer belt do you think “I should’ve just got that purple suitcase with the polka dots on it.” Fear not, easily spot your Samsonightmare quicker with a cute new bag tag.

Get it HERE.

5. A Carry On Cocktail Kit

 16 Gift Ideas For Anyone Who’s On A Plane Way Too G*ddamn Much

Get fancy at 30,000 feet by making your own Bloody Mary – just ask the flight attendant for a mini bottle of vodka and some tomato juice, mix in the fixin’s from this kit, and find your bliss. Modcloth also carries kits to make a Gin & Tonic, Old Fashioned, and Moscow Mule.

Get it HERE.

6. Some Noise-Canceling Headphones



If there’s anything you’re gonna splurge on this holiday season, something that dampens the sounds of screaming kids has to be it.

Get it HERE

7. An Extra Long USB Charging Cable

img 16 Gift Ideas For Anyone Who’s On A Plane Way Too G*ddamn Much


It’s 100% a FACT (probably) that airports never have enough wall outlets or charging stations, especially during the busy travel seasons. If you’re lucky enough to snag one of these coveted spots, you won’t have to worry about crowding the traveller next to you with this 10 ft. long charging cable that also won’t tangle up on you.

Get it HERE

8. A Dual-Purpose Toiletry & Cosmetics Bag

Screen Shot 2016-11-15 at 2.42.51 PM.png

A way to keep your toiletries and makeup on one place, but not mixed together–can you say efficient AF? Sonia Kashuk’s line for Target has been my personal go-to for years, and it’s available in multiple designs.

Get it HERE.

9. A Blanket Scarf

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Avoid the germiness of the rarely-washed airline blankets by stylishly bringing your own. This plaid scarf doubles as a cute winter accessory and super-soft snuggly blanket!

Get it HERE.

10. A Super Comfy Neck Pillow

black 1 16 Gift Ideas For Anyone Who’s On A Plane Way Too G*ddamn Much

This is some next-level neck comfort right here. Forget about that bulky-ass pillow that you never seem to remember to pack. The “rib” technology of the Trtl (pronounced “turtle”) Travel Pillow prevents stiff necks, packs small, and is machine washable (cuz sleep-drooling). Stocking-stuffer perfection!

Get it HERE.

11. An Insulated Water Bottle

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Keep dehydration at bay with a refillable, insulated water bottle. Just bring it through security empty and fill ‘er up once you reach your gate. Save some room in your carry-on by opting for the S’ip by S’well, a smaller version of the trendiest water bottle around.

Get it HERE

12. A Rollable Jewelry Pouch


No more tangled necklaces, missing earrings, and jumbled bracelets. Your accessory-adorned friend or family member should be packing their jewelry and wearing it too, without having to worry about destroying their belongings in the process.

Get it HERE.

13. A Compact Hair Dryer


If you’ve ever had to fuss with the horror that is the hotel blow dryer (or worse, not having one altogether), you know the frizzy mess that awaits you. A small hair dryer that packs a styling punch is a traveller’s best beauty friend.

Get it HERE.

14. An All-In-One Phone & Passport Wallet

all in one leather pop clutch 1 16 Gift Ideas For Anyone Who’s On A Plane Way Too G*ddamn Much

Say goodbye to saying “Now where did I put that…” by keeping everything at your fingertips in mochithing’s handy little expandable wallet.

Get it HERE

15. A Well-Constructed Carry-On Bag

Screen Shot 2016-11-15 at 8.16.54 PM.png

There’s a reason why you see Herschel backpacks pretty much everywhere. The padded shoulder straps keep away back pain and the inside is spacious, plus there’s a designated spot for your laptop so you can slide it in and out at security with ease. And there’s so many colors and designs, you can easily find one to match it’s new owner’s personality.

Get it HERE

16. The Mother Of All Suitcases


Have you ever heard of a suitcase that can charge your devices for you? You have now! Bluesmart One is a heavy duty carry-on that I expect pays for itself when you’re stuck in a 6 hour layover, cancelled connection, or busy terminal. It’s a Christmas miracle.

Get it HERE.

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