13 People On The Utter Nonsense That Ended Their Last Relationship

Relationships are far from easy, as anyone who’s ever been romantically involved with another human being can tell you. Sure, sometimes things work out the way you’d always hoped, but as Lorelai Gilmore says, “once your heart’s involved it all comes out in moron” and she couldn’t be more right.

Reddit surveyed its multitude of users, asking them what kind of unimaginable bullshit caused their last relationship to go up in flames and the responses did not disappoint.

1. Welp, CheetosChickenFrys sounds like you made the right choice.

She wanted to fuck other people. I didn’t want her to fuck other people.

2. Sorry to hear that, maanu123.

She was using me as a cover for her relationship with a 40 year old neonazi alpaca farmer from Colorado.


3. Rucer44, at least you’re honest.

I ran out of money, I was technically a customer

4. heytherehandsome, don’t worry you can still have turkey!

7 years and the day before Thanksgiving last year she told me she wasn’t in love with me and hadn’t been for a long time.

5. Well, that’s unfortunate for OprahsGooch.

I wasn’t in an actual relationship, it was more of a friends with benefits kind of thing. I cut it off with the girl who is a friend of mine because my libido is so low that I got tired of fucking and didn’t want to do it anymore.

6. BreezieDahlia, you definitely dodged a bullet there.

He never wanted to come home. He’d go to his friends house right after work. Eat there, take naps there, spend the night. He should have been paying rent. He wasn’t secretly gay because his friend had his own wife and family, so basically my husband was just their 4th child. If I wanted to see him, I’d have to go over there, which I did a lot.. but after 5 years of it, I was just like… What the fuck kind of life is this? No more. Last I heard, he’s unemployed living off the government.

7. KatMcDo, oh hell no.

My ex-boyfriend dumped me right as I was entering graduate school. He said he “didn’t want to resent me for being more educated that he is”. Wtf? Never before this did he give any indication that his “woman being more educated” was ever a problem. I’m glad though, because now I’m married to a man who is happy for my accomplishments, not wanting to keep me in the kitchen or something.


8. You win some, you lose some right GregButcher?

On my birthday nonetheless, she gave me a choice of either pursuing my passion for motorcycles or her. I chose the former without hesitation.

9. atomicpeaches, both valid reasons.

It was either his porn addiction or his baby mama. Good thing I got out of that one when I did.

10. RIPelliott, that sounds like a personal problem.

I couldn’t get over the number of partners she had before me. I tried and tried so hard but I never came even close to getting over it.

11. Why is that so difficult for them to grasp, imightbeaspider?

He didn’t understand the whole “you can’t fuck other girls” thing.

12. sir_punsworth, at least you know.

Immaturity on both sides. We both thought we knew best and didn’t really listen. We both learned a bunch since then and are on good terms considering.

13. Isn’t that the worst, stuntmanm?

My alarm clock went off.


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