6 Exercises You Can Do In Your Parents’ Guest Room Over Thanksgiving Break

With the holidays just around the corner, we couldn’t be more excited for the vast amounts of Thanksgiving foods that will inevitably be shoved into our mouths; turkey, stuffing, casseroles, and pie…all the pie. I’m not drooling, you’re drooling. Though this is perhaps one of our favorite holidays because let’s be honest, food is our religion, all of that deliciousness comes with a price…calories.

However, thanks to renowned online fitness trainer Julia Buckley, this year you can have your cake and eat it to (or in this case your pumpkin pie). She’s developed 6 simple exercises you can do in your parents’ guest room over Thanksgiving break that will help you stay fit while still indulging in all of your mom’s home cooking.

About Julia

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Julia Buckley began her career in journalism writing for various magazines and online publications for over 15 years before she discovered an undeniable passion for fitness and health. She had originally chosen to complete her personal training certification as a way to give more authority to her fitness writing, but then she found that she truly enjoyed helping people live their healthiest and happiest lives.

Though she was one of the first to really tap into the online training industry, Buckley says she was influenced most by the people who trained her when she began exercising.

“My main influences were trainers I worked with back in the gym when I was going to classes myself,” Buckley told Berry.

Through social media, Buckley was able to gather a group of dedicated people to train online and the overwhelming success of her program resulted in a best-selling book, The Fat Burn Revolution. After the book’s release, Buckley became a full time online fitness trainer and has since helped thousands of clients achieve the bodies and lifestyles they’ve always wanted.

She says one of the biggest things that sets her program apart is the community that she has created through her private Facebook forums where she is able to talk to her clients every day and they continue to inspire her personally as well.

“I really get my inspiration from my clients because I know what it takes to get through those beginning stages and I understand the fantastic journey that they’re on,” Buckley said.

For her Thanksgiving workout, Buckley has developed 6 main exercises that will help you keep your fitness on form and stave off those turkey dinner calories.

“You don’t need any equipment for this six-exercise circuit and there’s no crazy jumping around to disturb relatives snoozing in the rest of the house or cause raised eyebrows if you’ve brought your new boo home for thanksgiving,” Buckley says.

Remember to do ten reps of each exercise and complete the circuit three times for a 15 minute workout. Now go out there and kick some turkey ass!

1. Heel Tap Star


This workout will involve your shoulders, abs, back, butt and outer thighs so get ready to move! Buckley says if you’re new to this particular exercise, be prepared to wobble a bit at first but fighting to remain still is half of the workout so don’t get too frustrated with yourself.

“Think about staying tall and engaging the core muscles right around your midsection to keep you steady. If it’s easy, hold onto something like a bottle of water with your extending hand to make it more challenging,” she added.

Remember to finish 10 reps on one side and then repeat on the other.

2. Lunge Kick


For the next exercise, Buckley offers a more explosive routine that fires up the biggest muscles of the body in order to focus on more fat burning as well as firming of the butt and thighs (all of which we can appreciate around the holidays). She says it’s extremely important to be mindful of your posture throughout, keeping it upright and tall.

“As you take a big step back into the lunge, fight the urge to lean forward and keep those shoulders pointing skyward. Watch that front knee too, it should stay over the ankle ideally – it’s OK for it to come forward a little, but make sure it doesn’t get pushed further forwards than your toes. From the lunge, drive the back knee up and extend the leg into a kick. Replace the foot and repeat with the other leg,” Buckley instructed.

Reminder: A kick on both sides counts as one total rep, so no cheating your sets!

3. Pike Press Up


Next is the Pike Press Up which focuses on sculpting your shoulders and arms. You can either use the floor or a bed, sofa, or sturdy low table and push up from there.

Buckley says you’ll want to “keep your body in a sharp inverted V shape and focus on pushing the body diagonally upwards on the same plane as your arms. Get right down low so the top your head gets just a cm off the floor, but be sure to stay in control – you don’t want to end up with headache before your thanksgiving food hangover kicks in!”

We certainly can’t argue with that!

4. Plank Punch


Full disclosure, I’ve done this one myself and it will kill you, but you’ll feel amazing afterwards. While the exercise mainly works your core it also implements the arms and aims to shrink your waist after being loaded up with Thanksgiving food. You’ll begin by placing your hands down directly below your shoulders and get your feet side-by-side.

“It’s all about keeping a super-straight line through your body, from neck to heels and not letting the hips sag down or pop up at any point. From there, add alternating punches, keeping your hips from rocking too much – fighting against that rocking is what really forces the core to work hard here,” Buckley reminded us.

Again, a punch from both right AND left fists counts as one rep, so make sure you’re getting full sets in.

5. Press Up


The next exercise Buckley recommends is the underrated classic Press Up or Push Up. This movement aims to chisel and strengthen your core while also working the back of the arms and chest. She gives three options for modifications based on your skill level: Advanced – move from the toes; Intermediate – from the knees with a straight body from neck to knees; Beginner on all-fours.

“If you’re doing the advanced or intermediate versions be sure to keep that body plank-straight and don’t let the hips pop up or sag down. In the beginner version focus on putting as much of your weight as you can through the hands,” Buckley tells Berry.

She also noted that in all versions it’s important to make sure your elbows point diagonally out behind you and that you aim to get deep so your chin or chest lightly touches the floor at the bottom of each rep.

6. Side Plank Leg Lift


Last, but certainly not least the Side Plank Leg Lift is a great multi-muscle workout that incorporates your waist, abs, back, outer thighs, butt and shoulders. For the more advanced version you’ll want to have your palm below your shoulder, arm straight. To make it easier, you can modify the workout by being on your elbow.

“Keep a straight line through your body and hold your top hip high. Raise and lower the top leg slowly, with control. Repeat 10 times then flip over and do it on the other side. You can thank me later.”

And we will be thanking you Julia.

Take that, turkey and stuffing!

Check out the full video below!

Thousands of people across of the world are now walking around feeling awesome in the best shape of their lives thanks to Julia Buckley’s workouts! Want to be next? Join Julia’s online gym – you can get started FREE!

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