Adele Got Totally Spooked By A Bat Onstage During A Show

Adele may be a strong, sassy, hard-working pop-star and supermom  — but that doesn’t mean she is above getting frightened by the occasional unexpected bat.

During a recent concert in Mexico, Adele was in the middle of performing when she noticed an unwelcome guest flapping around the auditorium. She proceeded to simultaneously laugh and freak out, pointing at the offending bat intruder, and flapping her arms wildly (in case the audience somehow didn’t understand that there was a damn bat in the room.)

“There’s a bat! There’s a bat back in there right by your head!” she yelled, pointing into the audience. “Oh my God. There’s a f*ckin’ bat. I’m like ‘Welcome to Mexico’ it’s true, I’m happy to be here, but f*ckin’ bat, Jesus Christ!”

Of course, after her little freak out, Adele moved on with her set and crowd-work like a true professional.

One of the audience members posted the encounter to Twitter, with the caption, “When a bat welcomes you to a new country,” where it was liked over 5,000 times.

For the record, Mexican free-tailed bats are considered to the most populous mammal in North America — so nobody should have been terribly surprised by the little fellow’s presence at the concert. (Come on, people, haven’t you seen the cinematic “masterpiece” From Dusk ‘Til Dawn?)

Of course, some fans have already figured out the bat’s real impetus for swooping in unexpectedly: like everybody else in the world, it just wanted to crash and Adele show.

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