People Are Losing It Over This Dog That Looks Like A Real Life Meme

It’s no secret that, aside from being our unconditional best friends, dogs provide us endless amounts of entertainment (usually without even trying). One adorable Corgi pup named Samantha was casually enjoying a relaxing evening at home when she incidentally became a viral internet meme IRL and people can’t handle it.

This is 6-year-old Corgi Samantha Campo or “Sam” for short.


Isn’t she adorable? 😍

Sam’s mom, Marisa told Buzzfeed News that she and her friends were looking through old photos of a bonfire birthday party they’d had when they discovered a picture of Sam that startled them.

Marisa tweeted out this photo of Sam where she appears to be on fire.

“We all screamed,” Marisa said. They thought poor Sam had somehow spontaneously combusted that night without their knowledge, but quickly realized it was a hilarious illusion. The bonfire from their party had reflected on the window and made it appear as though Sam had a halo of fire.

Needless to say, the tweet caused people to lose their minds.





And then one genius of the internet pointed out that Sam was the “this is fine” meme IRL.




This is fine, Sam. It’s all fine.


Another Tweeter said they’d still pet Sam, flames or not.


Us too.

One woman requested a follow-up to confirm Sam was doing well.


To which Marisa replied with this photo of a happy pup.


She doesn’t even know how famous she is.

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