5 Reasons The Bralette Craze Is Kind Of B.S.

You’ve advertisements for them littering your newsfeed. They’ve taken up shelf space in your local H&M and Victoria’s Secret. They’re all over Instagram.

They’re bralettes, and for some reason, everyone seems totally f*cking psyched about their existence.

These tiny triangles of fabric, which often come in varieties of mesh and lace, have quickly become a hot fashion accessory. Women often wear them under sleeveless  or sheer tops, allowing them to protrude and essentially become their own kind of outerwear.

However, I am personally baffled by this particular craze. While I understand and appreciate the cuteness of these little bralettes, I can’t help but wonder if they’re kind of a bullsh*t addition to the lingerie family? What are they even supposed to do? Are they offering any kind of support?

Here are just a few reasons I’m not keen on bralettes, and why I believe their popularity is shallow as f*ck:

1. They offer zero support.

If you are slightly more well-endowed, wearing bralettes can legitimately be more trouble than it’s worth. What, you’re honestly telling me that you’ll gladly complain about back pain and discomfort when running, but then turn around and purchase what is, essentially, a scrap of lace to cover your breasts? Live your life and do what feels right, but just know that bralettes aren’t giving larger-chested ladies any love.

2. Furthermore, they often flatten you out.

Women with smaller breasts often boast that they can still wear cute bralettes without having to worry about that whole support issue mentioned above. What they fail to mention is that, if you have a more modest breast size, wearing a bralette is honestly akin to wearing a sports bra. There are no uncomfortable cups or underwires — but you’re also likely to get a serious case of Pancake Boobs.

3. They’re flimsy AF.

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What am I supposed to do with this lacy, ribbon-y thing? Should I wear it as a harness or something? What’s going to end up happening is that it’s going to get ripped, or it’s going to find its way to the floor of my closet and perpetually get caught in my boot heel. If you’re going to make a bra with zero support, at least make sure I can’t tear it apart with my own two hands.

4. They look kind of awkward under clothing.

Look, I get it — bralette designs are totally adorable. They’re lacy, and triangular, and often come in cute colors. And, if you’re buying them purely to use as lingerie in the boudoir, then I totally get where you’re coming from, and you should keep doing your thing. After all, if we were all just walking around shirtless, bralettes would be totally dope. But here’s the thing: as soon as you put normal clothing over them, it suddenly becomes painfully obvious that they aren’t doing anything. They aren’t even protecting your nipples from chilly weather, honestly. I just don’t understand it. We’re paying money for them, and then covering them up, while they simultaneously do nothing in terms of shaping or protecting?

And don’t give me the “they’re comfortable” argument, because …

5. It would be more comfortable to just not wear a bra altogether.

Let’s be honest here, if you’re making this excuse, you don’t hold comfort in the highest regard, because the most comfortable option is NO BRA. Which, honestly, seem like the most practical and cost-effective option for all you bralette advocates out there. It’s not only cheaper (and by “cheaper,” I mean “free”), but you get the same amount of nip, and, in some cases, the same amount of side boob.

Honestly, when you look at the pros and cons, it seems like a no-brainer.


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