Confused Trump Supporters Are Protesting Starbucks With The #TrumpCup Movement

Poor Starbucks. The holidays are always rough for them, with the influx of opinions about their holiday cups and the conservative fury about their lack of Christmas-specific merchandise and decor.

Now, however, Starbucks has a new headache, and this one is politically charged.

The whole debacle started when a Starbucks patron tweeted out a stomach-churning viral video of a man verbally lambasting a Starbucks employee for taking too long with his coffee. He calls the employee “trash,” says this is “white discrimination,” and proudly boasts that he “voted for Trump.”

Strangely, in a turn of events that scientists can’t even begin to explain, it is Trump supporters who now feel discriminated against as a result of the video.

A Twitter-based #TrumpCup movement was instigated in order to protest Starbucks. Essentially, Trump voters are encouraging one another to tell Starbucks baristas that their name is “Trump” when ordering coffee, so that … Starbucks employees are forced to say the name “Trump” out loud?

I don’t fully understand how this is sticking it to Starbucks in any way, particularly if you’re still purchasing a drink. You guys do understand that Starbucks is a business, right?

Regardless, the movement seems to have some steam behind it, judging from the influx of supportive #TrumpCup tweets.

In addition to the whole “capitalism” thing, there are definitely a few snags in this brilliant protest plan.

First of all, if multiple people are telling baristas that their name is Trump, things are bound to get confusing when it comes to getting your coffee orders.

Second, Starbucks is notorious for messing up customers’ names. If you tell them your name is “Trump” there is a 60% chance you will end up with a cup that says “Tramp.”

Lastly, this protest is low-hanging fruit for internet trolls, and is bound to be mocked mercilessly until its eventual demise.

Just remember, Trump supporters: if you’re paying for a Starbucks drink, you’re GIVING MONEY TO STARBUCKS, regardless of whatever “statement” you think you’re making. Which means that, in a huge ironic twist, you may be financially supporting one of 97 nationwide designated “Safe Places” for LGBTQ people.

So, I guess I should really be saying: thank you! Thank you for giving your money to an organization which supports gay rights!

In all seriousness, though, I implore Trump supporters to leave Starbucks employees out of whatever beef they may have with general anti-Trump sentiment. Starbucks baristas aren’t discriminating against you. Starbucks employees are just working a thankless hourly job in the food service industry where they have to smile and wish assh*les like you a “good morning.”

Leave them the f*ck alone.

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