Kanye West Told Fans He Would Have Voted For Trump And They’re Obviously Pissed TF Off

Kanye West, infamous for being an all around self absorbed asshole has never really been one to concern himself with the opinions of others. He has no problem, however, forcing his thoughts onto fans even if that means stopping mid-performance to yell “Build the wall!”

Unsurprisingly, Mr. West has managed to piss off even his biggest followers by halting his concert in San Jose Thursday night to announce that he supported Trump and thinks we still need to build a wall. Obviously, it didn’t take too well.

Kanye West announced to a crowd of stunned fans Thursday night that he would have voted for Trump.

Yes, artists are entitled to their political opinions just like anyone else, but who in their right mind would anyone choose to stop their performance for up to half an hour to discuss controversial politics with a clearly divided crowd? Kanye would that’s who.

“This is my platform and I’m going to talk about the paradigm shift that’s happening right now,” Kanye told a tumultuous crowd at the beginning of a 40-minute political speech that came at the cost of several songs.

“Whether you voted for Hillary or Trump, this is a safe space for both of you,” he said asking any Trump voters to identify themselves.

West went on to reiterate his intentions to run for president in 2020 (god help us all) saying his focus would be on education and that his campaign would utilize a different political model.

Fans were understandably horrified by West’s choice to stand by Trump.

Some fans even pointed out that this is why Jay Z and Beyoncé probably cut Kanye off.

We wish we could say we’re more surprised.

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