This SNL Sketch About Going Home For Thanksgiving Might Be A Little Too Real

The holidays are finally in our midst and while we couldn’t be more excited to go home and stuff our faces with endless amounts of Thanksgiving food, we’re also dreading the moment that one particular relative decides to bring up this year’s election.

Seriously, can we not? There’s so much (food) to be thankful for this year, why do we need the words “president” or “Trump” to even cross our lips? Fortunately, SNL understands the need to escape said family members. We can all just go hang out at Target.

SNL aired a hilarious skit about escaping your family during the holidays and we wish it was real.

This year many people will be desperately trying to find a way to avoid their relatives who refuse to talk about anything besides the election. SNL writers used this relatable skit to tap into the feelings overwhelming exhaustion and defeat that we will all be experiencing when our loved ones choose to spend the little time they have together arguing about our pussy-grabbin’ president elect.

The sanctuary we so long for can only be found in one place, Target.

Target offers a “Big Empty Parking Lot You Can Just Come Sit In For A Sec” (and reclaim your sanity).

You can also peruse their clothing section.

Or lay down in the toy section for a while and ponder life.

Who knows you might even find a flask hidden in some Play-Doh…

Best of all, the supportive staff will be there to cheer you on.

So, when you need a place to flee this season, Target is the way to go.

screen shot 2016 11 20 at 10 32 41 am This SNL Sketch About Going Home For Thanksgiving Might Be A Little Too Real

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