16 Gifts That Say “I Like You, Not Quite Love You Yet”

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, especially if you’ve got a new flame. No one likes to be alone around the holidays. But, if you just started dating, finding the perfect holiday gift for your significant other might pose a little bit of a challenge. You like each other, and you’ve established your exclusivity, but you’re still at the point where some cheesy Pinterest scrapbook is only going to look way too desperate.

There are two things you want to avoid during the early stages of your relationship: giving a gift that’s too expensive and giving a gift that’s too intimate. The best plan is to go for something you know will spark their interest (it proves you’re paying attention) but also something low-key that can’t be interpreted as a sign that you’re about to go through their phone, find their mom’s number, and call her to start discussing wedding details.

Here, 16 holiday gift ideas that will help you walk the fine line between “I’m feeling you” and “I’mma put a ring on it.”

1. A book you know they’ll love

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They’ll be totally into it, and they’ll think of you every time they pick it up. This book in particular was recommended by President Obama, so you know you can’t go wrong.

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2. A booze making kit

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If they’re into craft beer, go for a unique DIY kit so they can brew their own. You can also find kits like this for wine and whiskey. It’s a quirky gift that proves you’ve paid enough attention to know what they like, but it’s not overly intimate.

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3. Tickets to a show

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Get tickets to see a comedian or concert you know your SO will like. That said, only do this if the event is coming up soon. You want to gift them a fun experience, not proof that you’re already thinking about date nights in 2018.

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4. All-in-one beard and mustache maintenance

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If you’re dating a dude, old school shaving kits are kind of the quintessential “no strings” gift, but that’s boring AF. Plus, we’re in the midst of a beard and mustache resurgence, so your lumberjack probably needs the necessary supplies. This kit comes with beard oil, whisker wash, and mustache wax, so you can say, “Hey, I like your beard, and I guess you’re sort of okay too.”

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5. Movies they desperately need to see

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“You’ve never seen Dirty Dancing?” “OMFG I can’t believe you made it to adulthood without watching Top Gun.” We’ve all had those conversations with a new flame, and they’re great fodder for gifts. Get a movie you can’t believe they’ve never seen, get another one they can’t believe you’ve never seen, add some snacks, and you’ve got a recipe for a quirky date night gift.

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6. Fancy winter gear

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Gloves, a scarf, a cool winter hat — these are things no one ever wants to spend money on, but we all need ’em. Plus, they’re the perfect gift for the person who reads way too much into every little thing. There’s no way they can misconstrue gloves as some sort of symbol of your undying affection.

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7. A coldbrew coffee set

screen shot 2016 11 21 at 6 28 39 am 16 Gifts That Say I Like You, Not Quite Love You Yet

This set is reusable and comes with an aromatic blend of Brazilian and Guatemalan coffee. It’s a thoughtful treat for the eco-friendly coffee enthusiast you’re waking up with.

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8. A Loot Crate Subscription

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A monthly subscription box for the geek in your life. Each box contains 5-7 items along a common geeky theme, like Star Wars, Doctor Who, or The Walking Dead. Buy the first month for your honey and let them get their nerd on.

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9. Tetris Stackable Lamp

Screen Shot 2016-11-21 at 7.43.30 AM.png

Normally, a lamp would be a lame ass gift. But, this one is a conversation piece and it has that whole geeky-cool nostalgia factor. It’s perfect for someone who’d appreciate a unique find that reflects something they like.

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10. A date night cooking class

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Lots of places offer date night cooking classes. If you’re both into food, it’s a fun way to experiment and learn a new skill together, but it’s also a one time deal so it won’t trigger any commitment phobia.

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11. The gift of good music

itunes gift cards codes 16 Gifts That Say I Like You, Not Quite Love You Yet

You can’t go wrong with music. If you’re both music lovers and want to make your gift a bit more personal, make a playlist of cool songs you’re into RN (not a lovey-dovey mix) on Spotify or an equivalent, then include the gift card so they can buy the songs they like.

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12. Personalized pub glasses


Pub glasses with fully customizable logos and designs. A fun addition to the kitchen that doesn’t scream, “I want to move in!”

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13. Mobile camera lens kit

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A funky and considerate find for the person who’s ready to take your date night selfies to the next level.

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14. A badass travel guide

Screen Shot 2016-11-21 at 7.28.13 AM.png

A perfect gift for the true travel junkie. This book is basically a bucket list of all the coolest shit on earth, and they’ll never get tired of referring back to it. Who knows? Maybe you’ll end up seeing a few places together.

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15. A leather journal and a cool pen

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A notebook that makes them look like a goddamn grown-up, so they can make to-do lists, write down ideas, or even just pen poems about their growing affection for you in style.

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16. A cool wireless speaker

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A sleek and stylish wireless speaker so they can get the party going, no matter where they are. It’s a cool find for a cool music lover, and it’s not extravagant enough to send any mixed signals.

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