22 Moments From Britney Spears’ “Slumber Party” Music Video That Made Us Bi-Curious AF

Britney’s second video from Glory has been released, and we ARE NOT. WORTHY. For the few who still had any shred of doubt: Britney is back, bitch.

This is arguably her best music video since “Womanizer.” She looks amazing, her dancing is on fleek. And I haven’t even mentioned Tinashe yet. To all the gay male and straight female fans, you may have found yourself questioning these feelings, and we honestly are right there with you. No matter who you are or who you are attracted to, you can surely appreciate the beauty and grace of the legendary Ms. Britney Spears.

1. The literal first moment she’s on screen, looking glorious getting out of her car

2. Seconds later, when she removes her shawl and struts up the steps

3. When she’s checking out her own sexy backup dancers (as we all were)

4. The first of many seductive twirls, followed by a tasteful body roll

5. First costume change into this sexy fairy godmother ballerina goddess outfit

6. The first dance break, which she absolutely slays

7. Followed immediately by this orgasm-esque pelvic thrust

8. This flirty little pop pop pop move

9. This signature Britney move: sexy hair flip to the side, then pan back to camera

10. That “I know I’m hot” look



13. My personal favorite moment, the casually sexy shoe toss as Tinahse plays with her hair

14. This arm twist right out of Slave 4 U, as Tinashe goes down low…

15. This moment is cuter than it is sexy, but omg look how precious this little “makes us go f*ckin’ crazy” moment is…

16. Just, like, this entire sequence. I don’t even know where to begin.

17. Tap it, tap it, tap it, tap it

18. This guy cannot even comprehend how sexy Britney is, especially as she writhes and hairflips her way across the table to lick his plate clean

19. This hot, seemingly all-genders-included cuddle puddle

20. And just LOOK at this FLOOR WORK

21. The sexiest part of the video is just how much damn FUN they’re all having

22. May Godney be with you, and with us all.

Watch the whole bacchanal in its entirety here:

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