Nobody On The Internet Can Figure Out The Color Of These Freaking Flip-Flops

Another day, another internet trend I wish I could ignore and go back to bed.

It seems that disagreements over the colors of various clothing items are protracted and ceaseless, and should probably be accepted as a fact of life. One Twitter user recently shared a photo of a pair of flip-flops which has elicited the same contentious debate as the infamous”Dress.” The question: what f*cking color are these flip-flops?

Personally, I don’t understand it. I see white and gold, no problem. However, it seems that the rest of the internet has seen fit to flip the f*ck out about this one.

Some are insisting that the flip-flops are black and blue, or blue and gray, while others assert that the shoes are white and gold. It has actually become a full-fledged debate.

Either way, the amount of debate circling around these basic flip-flops is both surprising and vexing.

Are people actually seeing black and blue, or are they just being trolls??

It’s really causing some people to reexamine their life choices.


It’s getting real here, guys.

While being more concerned with flip-flops over the state of our nation certainly seems like the harbinger of the apocalypse, perhaps we should just all appreciate these flip-flops for what they are: a helpful distraction from a depressing newsfeed, and a heated debate which involves no politics and (hopefully) won’t end in tears.

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