9 Women Share Their Cringiest ‘Meet The Parents’ Stories

The holidays are right around the corner, which means lots of people out there will be meeting their significant other’s family for the very first time. No matter how cool and confident you think you are, meeting the parents is always a nerve-wracking experience. The last thing anyone wants is to say or do the wrong thing, offend someone, or end up looking like total idiot, but unfortunately parental introductions are ripe for exactly those kinds of shenanigans.

Sometimes you can plan ahead and avoid complicated situations, like mentioning you voted for a politican they hate or showing up in leather boots because you didn’t realize they’re vegan. But, other times, the awkwardness is totally out of your control and you just have to roll with the punches and hope for the best. Here, 9 hilarious and horrifying things that have happened to people meeting their date’s families for the first time.

1. I saw a celebrity and had zero chill.

“I met my husband’s parents for the first time at a fancy restaurant in Los Angeles. Moments after we sat down, I realized Kate Hudson and A-Rod were on a date at the next table. I wanted to give his parents my full attention, but I was totally starstruck and kept glancing over—not the best first impression to make. I finally just had to motion to the next table and stage whisper, ‘Look, it’s Kate Hudson and A-Rod.’ I figured it was better to be a little uncool than look like a distracted jerk.” – Amy W.

2. My dad’s boyfriend walked in on me giving him a blowjob.

“I went to my boyfriend’s house for Thanksgiving, and we got a little frisky in his old bedroom while his parents were out shopping. Well, they came back a little more quickly than expected. His dad came upstairs to tell us they brought dinner home and walked in on me going down on my boyfriend. Needless to say, dinner was awkward as hell.” – Elizabeth M.

3. I fell and looked clumsy AF.

The first time I met my boyfriend’s parents we all went out to dinner. It was close to Christmas, and it was freezing outside. We’d gotten a little snow the day before, so some spots on the ground were still icy, so we’re walking across the parking lot to go to this restaurant, and I’m talking to his mom and dad and trying to be all charming, and I hit a patch of ice and just go down like a ton of bricks. It was the dorkiest first impression I’ve ever made, and it hurt!” – Molly R.

4. My dad threatened my boyfriend.

“My BF and I were in a long distance relationship, but I convinced my dad to give him a job for the summer so we could be closer. He came to town while my dad was in the process of re-siding our house. My dad was in a bad mood, and he picked up a huge pile of heavy plank siding and threw it across the lawn in frustration. My boyfriend’s eyes sort of bulged out of his head, and my father looked him in the eye and said, ‘I’d do you in a second.’ My boyfriend was terrified.” – Jeanne S.

5. I ripped my pants.

“My BF drove us to meet his parents at their house, and the back of my pants ripped open as I was getting out the car. I was wearing a thong, and had basically no way to hide what happened. His mom offered me a pair of pants, but OMG. It was bad.” – Maxine L.

6. I overestimated how accepting my boyfriend’s parents would be.

“When I met my husband’s family for the first time I’d been told they would ‘love me’ and they were ‘totally cool.’ So, being naïve, I chose to be myself and openly joked about smoking and partying and other things 22-year-olds do. Turns out his parents were the opposite of cool, and his mother excused herself to the bathroom to cry about the ‘whore’ he brought home for dinner. We’ve been together 10 years now, and I think she still cries in the bathroom from time to time.” – Tamara G.

7. I met my boyfriend’s entire family…while naked.

“My boyfriend still lived at his family’s house… and I spent the night on his birthday for obvious reasons. He said every year on his birthday he and his family go to a late dinner… Well, they decided to shake it up, and mom, dad, grandparents, sister, brother, brother-in-law, niece and nephew all come marching in around 9 a.m. with cake and balloons and start singing. My head was under the covers the whole time, with him just lying there propped up. Finally they stop singing, and I pop up just to look, and everyone gasps. Grandma leaves muttering. His sister starts whooping at us and laughing, and the kids just didn’t understand. Everyone left the room, and I snuck out the window. He got a 30-pack of condoms and lube from his sister later that day. Ugh.” – Redditor pbandthatsmyjam 

8. I saw my boyfriend’s mom topless.

“The first time I met my ex-boyfriend’s parents was at Thanksgiving. We were sitting around talking before dinner and all of the sudden his mom is just like, “Want to see my tattoos?” I say yes, so she stands up and takes off her shirt. She’s obsessed with fairies, and turns out all of her tattoos are on her back. Like, her back is covered in fairies and she apparently has no shame about stripping down wherever. So I got to stand there with my boyfriend’s mom in her bra and pretend to be really interested in her tats. I still feel awkward just talking about it.” – Amy F.

9. My boyfriend didn’t actually want to meet my family.

“My ex-boyfriend ‘Jeff’ dropped by on Christmas Day to give me a present. He brought his little sister, ‘Kimmie,’ with him. My entire extended family was gathered around, sizing him up, etc. when his little sister started tugging on his arm and saying over and over, “Jeeeeefffff!! Can we go now?” He acted annoyed and said, “In a little bit, Kimmie.” She persisted, and he kept saying, “In a minute.” Finally, I guess she couldn’t help herself, because in exasperation she threw back at him, “Jeff!! Remember in your car, before we came up here? YOU TOLD ME TO BEG!” You could have heard a pin drop. His face was bright red as he said a feeble awkward goodbye and shuffled off. Everyone in the room didn’t know what to say or where to look.” – Redditor flibberdigibbit

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