This Teen Is Trolling Makeup Artists With Her Own “Dick-Liner” Trend

While makeup trends are fun to peruse, they often promote somewhat unreasonable beauty routines. Remember when pompom nails were a thing? Or the various lip paintings and frescos that take more time to apply than they do to wear? Make no mistake, there are some preposterous beauty trends out there β€” and some people have had just about enough of them.

Asia Brautigam, a 19-year-old from California, told BuzzFeed that she “wanted to joke around about the creative and artistic eyeshadow looks” that were littering her newsfeed. So, she decided to deck out β€” er, “dick out” β€” her eye makeup to prove a point about ridiculous makeup trends.

The look basically involved using a penis in place of a winged cat eye, with two testicles framing the inner corner of the eye.

Asia posted the look to Twitter, where it was (unsurprisingly) received with open arms β€” because this is the internet, and that’s what happens when you unveil penis-themed eye makeup.

Many Twitter users joked along, declaring that the new makeup look was exactly what they needed for the holiday season.

Others took things a step further, and actually created the “dick-liner” look for themselves.

You really have to admire their dedication and precision with liquid eyeliner, honestly.

Honestly, if you look at enough photos of the “dick-liner,” it actually starts to look kind of … pretty??

Add a swipe of glitter liner, and you’ve got a look that’s ready to poke fun at any outrageous makeup trends, andΒ simultaneously smashΒ the patriarchy (probably)!

Even other makeup artists were forced to bow down and acknowledge that this parody eye makeup is actually pretty dope.

Of course, the great irony is that Asia was looking to make fun of outrageous trends, yet, judging by the overwhelming online response, she actually ended up creating a bizarre makeup trend of her own.

If I were a betting woman, I’d say, prepare to see the “dick-liner” look on a few of the runways next season β€” because clearly, nobody else can top this hilariously vulgar makeup.

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