This Dog Got The Worst Haircut Ever, And People Cannot Deal

We’ve all had that devastating experience at least once in our lives when we go into the salon with high hopes for a new do and come out with the exact opposite. Maybe the up-and-coming stylist you decided to try out thought a bob would really accentuate your features and now you look 12 years old and 20 pounds heavier. Or maybe those subtle blonde highlights you were going for came out like Kelly Clarkson’s early 2000s streaks, yikes.

At least hair grows back right? But bad haircuts aren’t just a human experience, animals have had their share of unfortunate “trims” as well. One Twitter user recently shared a picture of her pup whose new look has the internet losing their damn minds.

Lindsey Martin let her mom take her dog Wembley for a hair trim and it didn’t turn out as she expected.

Amidst our fits of uncontrollable laughter, we can’t help but feel sorry for poor Wembley. He doesn’t even look like the same dog anymore. From majestically adorable fluff ball to…ummm, well yeah. He’s officially joined the unfortunate hair cut club along with this poor Shih Tzu who never stood a chance.

Needless to say, the internet is losing its mind over this lack luster do.

And some started hilariously comparing Wembley to other less than appealing hair cuts.

Lindsey followed the post with this disclaimer.

Relax people, Wembley will be beautiful again one day.

And then she shared this hilarious update.

“Mom still won’t cut it off.” 😂

He seriously looks like he’s wearing a toupee.

But Wembley seems to be enjoying his new celebrity status.

Good for you Wembley! Don’t worry we’re totally laughing with you not at you.

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