Jimmy Fallon Tried To Guess The Last 4 Words Of ‘Gilmore Girls’ And Things Got Ridiculous

It’s a big week for Gilmore Girls fans. This Friday, Gilmore Girls: A Year In The Life premiers on Netflix, and we’ll finally get a much-anticipated update on the goings-on in Stars Hollow. We’ll also finally know the answer to a question that’s been plaguing fans since the revival was announced: what are show creator Amy Sherman-Palladino’s famous last four words for the series?

During the show’s original run, Sherman-Palladino told fans she always knew what she wanted the last four words of the series to be. She left during season 6, before she got a chance to reveal them. But, she confirmed earlier this year that she finally got a chance to write the famous last four words at the end of the script for the Netflix revival. Fans have spent months guessing at what they could be, and last night a surprising source offered his own prediction.

It turns out Jimmy Fallon is actually a huge Gilmore Girls fan, and he’s pretty sure he knows how the series will end.

Gilmore Girls stars Scott Patterson (Luke), Liza Weil (Paris), and Sean Gunn (Kirk) were guests on Tuesday’s episode of The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon. They talked a little bit about filming the revival, but Fallon spent most of the time hounding them to reveal the final four words of the show.

Scott Patterson admitted he knows the real answer, but he stayed mum while the others made their guesses.

Sean Gunn hilariously predicted the series’ last four words will be, “Kirk is your overlord,” which would make sense since Kirk is the most omni-present character in the entire series. Scott Patterson also said he told Sheman-Palladino the words should be,”Drop the gun, Kirk.” But, it was Jimmy Fallon himself who came up with the most mind-blowing prediction.

“Stars Hollow never existed,” Fallon proposed. “Like, this whole thing is in a snow globe and that’s the way it ends.”

I’m pretty confident that’s not the direction the show will go in, but you have to admit it’s pretty crazy to think about. We’ve spent all this time wondering if Rory ends up on #TeamLogan or #TeamJess, worrying about how Emily will cope with the loss of Richard, and wondering if Luke and Lorelai will finally tie the knot. And, it could all be for naught. Stars Hollow could exist in a fucking snow globe.

I think most fans know Amy Sherman-Palladino wouldn’t do that to us. That said, those last four words are still a mystery. My money is on “Oy with the poodles.”

Just kidding. We’ll see what the four words really are on November 25.

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