The Naked Rowers Are Back And Their Glorious Butts Are Fighting Homophobia

Every year since 2009, a glorious group of men across the pond known as the Warwick Rowers have graced the world with their nude calendars. Not only are these calendars inconceivably drool-worthy, they also aim to fight homophobia in sports. The 2017 edition of this gift to humanity has finally been released and let’s just say, you might need a moment alone with all of its beautiful butts.

The Warwick Rowing team AKA the “Naked Rowers” have returned for their 2017 calendar and we might need a minute.


Dear god, can we just call it a day so I can go home and stare at this for an unashamedly long time?

According to the official Warwick Rowers site, their main goal is to “promote positive, inclusive, and respectful attitudes towards people of all genders and sexualities.”


The calendars also aim “to fund the rowing programme at the University of Warwick, making it accessible to more students”, and “to fund the ongoing development of the charity Sport Allies, which promotes sport as an inclusive and supportive route for personal growth”.

I think it’s fair to say, they’ve got our ears our eyes and anything else they could possibly want…


Glorious butts posing for a great cause, that’s something we can certainly get behind.


Also, who decided on those purple umbrellas? They should get some credit too. I bet you didn’t even notice them did you?

It’s okay, the butts demand our attention also. 🍑

Well, I know what I want in my stocking this year.


Yeah, we’re going to go ahead and need at least 100 of these for the office as well.

Decorating a Christmas tree has never been so arousing.

Can we hire them to decorate ours?

Here’s some more butts because we know you haven’t seen enough and they deserve to be appreciated.

Just casually putting the boats away…

Of course, exercise is important too…(and so are abs and bulges)

And just when you think it couldn’t get any better, there’s a video supporting this year’s calendar.

Beautiful people for a beautiful cause, my friends. Check out more about the Warwick Rowers and order your calendar (because we know you will) on their website.

We might just need to take a trip to Warwick soon for business purposes, of course.

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