Guys Are Stuffing Their Pants For The #GreySweatpantsChallenge And It’s Getting Ridiculous

Though 2016 has seen its ups and downs (let’s be honest, mostly downs), we’ve had quite a few impeccable creatures to help distract ourselves from all of the tumultuous politics.

Whether it be a team of inconceivably beautiful naked rowers or the magnificent shadow of one celebrity’s manhood *cough* Orlando Bloom *cough*, or perhaps a chiseled model continuously taking his shirt off, the internet’s thirst knows no bounds.

The latest thirst trap of a trend to flood social media has guys posting photos of themselves in grey sweatpants to show off their seemingly impressive dick silhouettes. Just when we thought our hearts couldn’t take anymore, it took a turn for the ridiculous.

The hashtag #GreySweatpantsChallenge has men posing in their sweats to show off the size of their ahem, manhood.

The first use of this hashtag appeared over a year ago, but only in the past week have guys really been committing to it and flooding our feeds with glorious photos.

You may want to save these for perusing at home…

Oh my…

However, it wasn’t long before this trend had dudes hilariously stuffing their pants with anything they could find…like a trophy.

Or the holy bible 😂

Or a fan.

And some trumpets.

Maybe just a casual ironing board.

Or an entire tricycle.

Needless to say, there’s a great deal of creativity.

Particularly from this gentleman who used his poor dog.

And this man after my own heart.

And that’s how an unquenchable thirst becomes a hilarious meme, my friends.

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