This Guy And His Cat Reenact Iconic Movie Scenes Together And It’s Amazing

Whoever said “boredom breeds creativity” could not have made a more accurate statement. Full disclosure, in a moment of complete an utter tedium and procrastination, I have been that pet owner who dresses their beloved animal up in a ridiculous costume for my own amusement. I’m not proud of it, but the pictures have provided endless entertainment.

That’s why, when I came across this Instagram account that features a pair of cats and their human reinacting several movie scenes, I couldn’t help but share. Honestly, what’s more hilarious and adorable than a man who plays dressup with his cats?

David and Sarah Chapman are the proud parents of two adorable 4-year-old Burmese cats who enjoy recreating famous movie scenes with their humans.

The couple from Nottingham, England cleverly reimagine their favorite pieces of cinema casting their furry felines in the starring roles. They post all of these striking reenactments on their official Instagram account @moviecats which already has 30k followers as well as their second account @casualmoviecats for behind-the-scenes/real-life photos.

According to BuzzFeed News, the couple came up with the idea to re-create movie scenes with their cats for a pub quiz that David runs.

“We look at famous movie scenes and think, How could we do this with our cats?” Chapman said. “If it’s possible and seems silly enough, then we have a go.”

Perhaps you recognize them from this remake of E.T.

Or this disturbing scene from Alien.

And this sensual moment from American Beauty.

As well as this romantic scene from Ghost.

The cats also terrorized the same hotel as The Shining.

And enjoyed a candle-lit spaghetti dinner just like Lady and the Tramp.

We know what you’re thinking, how in the hell did they get these cats to pose for so many photos without clawing anyone’s eyes out!? Apparently, the pair are quite complacent when it comes to being in front of the camera.

“Our cats are fairly laidback, so they’re pretty happy as long as treats are involved,” Chapman said. Each shoot takes one to two hours.

Tara and David were overwhelmed by the viral response their photos have received. I mean, honestly how could you not be?

“It’s a good feeling knowing you’ve made a lot of people smile,” she said.

The couple admitted they have a few more re-creations in mind but didn’t want to reveal them because they are for the pub quiz. BUT we need to know!

At least we can continue to enjoy these adorable feline photos until they share their latest remake.

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