15 Gifts Every Lazy Girl Would Love To Find Under Their Tree

Christmas shopping can be unbelievably overwhelming, particularly when there are so many family members and friends to account for. Fortunately, we have several gift ideas to help you find the perfect surprise for everyone on your list (even yourself.)

So, when your relatives ask you what you’d like to find under the tree this year, you can easily direct them to this list of products that will deeply satisfy your lazy AF soul.

1. This Self-Stirring Coffee Mug


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2. A Hands Free Hair Dryer Holder That Mounts On Your Wall


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3. These Plaid Microfiber Cleaning Slippers


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4. This Phenomenal Glov Makeup Remover


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5. A Hands-Free Wine Glass Holder

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6. This Basic AF, But Insanely Cozy Mermaid Blanket


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7. This Adorable Sloth Tea Infuser


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8. A Convenient Tray For Cleaning Your Jewlery In The Dishwasher


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9. This Wonderfully Accurate T-Shirt


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10. This Ingenious Spray On Nail Polish


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11. This Mug That Describes Your Life In A Nutshell


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12. A Flexible Charging Clip For Those Days You Just Can’t Move


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13. This Cute Lazy Egg Pin


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14. This Trip Grip That Carries All Of Your Shopping Bags In One Place


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15. An Automatic Dog Ball Thrower So Your Pup Can Run Around While You’re Watching Netflix


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