Newlyweds Turn Lemons Into Lemonade After Getting Stuck In A Traffic Jam On Their Wedding Night

Your wedding day is often touted as being “the best day of your life,” which is a truly monumental amount of pressure to place on a mere handful of hours. It seems like you would be asking for trouble if you embarked on your matrimonial day without expecting a snag or two. After all, your wedding day shouldn’t be about celebrating a great ceremony — it should be about celebrating a great marriage.

Even if things don’t exactly go according to plan.

Jeff and Rebecca Payne of Centreville, Ohio were en route to their wedding reception when a multiple-car accident shut down most of the US-35 highway for several hours, causing the newlyweds to get stuck in traffic (there were reportedly no serious injuries, so it’s not as dire as it sounds, I promise).

Instead of sitting and stewing about their misfortune, however, the Paynes decided to flip tradition on its head and have their first dance in the middle of the stalled traffic on the highway. The couple slow-danced to Alison Krauss’s “When You Say Nothing at All,” and multiple people captured the touching moment on their phones.

Who needs twinkle lights when you have headlights?

Needless to say, the couple’s traffic jam romance soon went viral, with various wedding guests promoting the humorous hashtag #RescueThePaynes.

One fellow stalled motorist, David Hess, described the moment on his Instagram, saying:

We are en route back to Chicago and shortly after we left, we found ourselves in a parking lot of traffic due to 5 car accident. Unfortunately for these two, they’re within a half mile of the exit for their reception. We’ve all been sitting here for going on two hours. These newlyweds are in great spirits though as they’re dancing in the middle of the highway and making lemonade from the lemons. Cheers to you two! Life together is all about pushing through adversity!

While it’s uncertain whether the Payne’s made it to the reception hall in time to thank all of their guests, their cheerful demeanors are a clear indicator that, though the night might have been short on ambience, it was certainly not short on romance.

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