Now You Can ‘Take Photos’ Of Santa, And It’s Actually Hilarious

The Santa Claus myth used to be a thing that taught kids to believe in magic and have faith in what they couldn’t actually see. But, thanks to cell phones and Google, kids these days are like fuck that. They want proof before they’re willing to buy into your story that some dude in a red suit delivers presents via sleigh when he could just order that shit on Amazon Prime. Luckily, app developers are more than happy to give us campy and ridiculous ways to provide that proof.

A phone app called iCaughtSanta actually lets you fake photos of Santa unloading his haul in your living room…or wherever.

That’s the wrong haul, Santa.

The app is available in Lite (aka free) or there’s a paid version called iCaughtSanta Pro.

In both apps, you upload photos of your living room or Christmas tree, and then you can add and size dozens of different Santa or Rudolph stickers to use as proof that you caught Santa in the act. The stickers are supposed to look funny and whimsical and help little kids find their Christmas spirit, but mostly they just make Santa look like he’s committing a crime.

Here he is creeping around Berry headquarters looking like Anthony Weiner caught in another dick pic scandal.

unnamed 2 Now You Can Take Photos Of Santa, And Its Actually Hilarious

unnamed Now You Can Take Photos Of Santa, And Its Actually Hilarious

#TBT to when we found out Santa drinks and drives.

The Use' family caught Santa too! He must of been hungry! #ICaughtSanta #christmas2015

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Do we even want to know what’s in this bag?

Got ya!! #icaughtsanta

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Most kids only have a few innocent years in there where they actually believe in Santa Claus, no questions asked. iCaughtSanta is a good way for parents to keep the magic alive and put their kids “Santa is fake” conspiracy theories to rest. But, clearly it’s even more fun for the adults who use it.

Whatever whacky shit you come up with, just make sure you delete any photos of Jolly Old Saint Nick in compromising positions so your kids don’t find them and end up scarred for life. After all, Santa’s got a reputation to protect, and he’s counting on you.

unnamed 1 Now You Can Take Photos Of Santa, And Its Actually Hilarious

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