This Bizarre Clear Makeup Sponge Has Beauty Junkies Losing Their Collective Minds

Far too many of us spend far too much money on makeup, so making sure you get the most bang for your buck out of that $30 foundation or blush or highlighter is a skill unto itself. Having the right tools for application is key. If you’re a makeup junkie, you probably swear by the Beautyblender or a sweet set of brushes. But apparently, you should’ve been using something that looks like a silicone breast implant! Yes, the Silisponge is the next big thing, thanks to Reddit.

A couple of days ago, Redditor Crooks132 posted in the subbreddit Makeup Addiction asking, “Anyone hear of this silisponge? Thoughts?”

While much of the reaction revolved around what the sponge looks like—”a breast enhancer,” “implant,” “NuvaRing,”—ome Redditors did a bit of digging to figure out what the deal with the blob-looking applicator is all about. Rvgue noted, “I found a website selling it and the description says that liquid foundation goes right on the sponge, then is directly applied to the face. Blending can be finished with a beautyblender if needed. The non-porous design allows minimal product to be wasted and is ridiculously easy to clean.”

So, the sponge is being touted as a way to minimize waste of precious, pricey makeup—and save some bucks.

The Hong Kong-based website found selling the sponge, Molly Cosmetics, say their third restock pre-order is sold out, and they expect stock to come back in on December 20. In the meantime, they’ve posted a bunch of ~intriguing~ videos that show the Silisponge in action.

Cool, but yeah, only the most addicted beauty fiends will probably feel it necessary to track this thing down, right? The rest of us might just want to consider the route Redditor sammisamantha may go: “Perhaps I take out my gel insert from my fancy bra and apply foundation with that!” Or you could always use, you know, your fingers!

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