Scott Patterson Just Explained Why Luke & Lorelai’s Chemistry Is So Amazing

Team Logan vs. Team Jess vs. Team Dean. (Doubt there’s actually a Team Paul. But maybe?) Gilmore Girls fans will undoubtedly argue til the end of time about who Rory should end up with. (Yes, even after Year in the Life.) But there’s really only one soulmate for Lorelai, and that’s, duh, Luke Danes.

Now, we know even more about why the chemistry between Lauren Graham and Scott Patterson has always been so spot-on.

Scott was on Wake Up With Taylor on SiriusXM admitted he has—had?—more than platonic feelings for Graham.

“Everyone wants to know if you, over the years of working with Lauren, have had a crush on her, at any given point in working together,” radio host Taylor Strecker asked the actor.

His response? “Hell yes! How can you not?”

Here’s the super-cute sound bite, so you can hear it for yourself.

So, now we know exactly why Luke has always seemed so genuinely into Lorelai. Cuz Scott was in complete adoration of Lauren. He’s right, though. It’s hard not to be.

Don’t expect the two to pair up off-screen anytime soon, though. As most Graham’s fans well know, the actress is in a relationship with her Parenthood costar Peter Krause (who, you’ll notice, makes an adorable cameo in the revival!).

We’ll always have Luke and Lorelai though. And as for what he sees happening down the road for the couple (spoiler alert ahead!), Scott speculates to TODAY: “Grandparents? Kind of looks that way. I just think they go on, in stormy weather, stormy seas, the tough, tough climbs, but they always manage to end up together somehow. I think that’s their chemistry, you know? I think their chemistry is so pure and so strong, that’s why it drives the two of them a little nutty sometimes. So inevitably it’s a very passionate, sort of fighty relationship and headbanging and conflict, but they always end up together, because they love each other.”

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