Chris Pratt Is Hilariously Trolling Jennifer Lawrence By Posting Bad Photos Of Her On Instagram

Chris Pratt may have been recently elevated to the status of Hollywood Heartthrob, but his offscreen antics prove that the goofy and playful persona behind Parks and Recreation‘s Andy Dwyer is still alive and well.

Pratt has been traveling around Europe with costar Jennifer Lawrence as part of the press tour for their upcoming movie, Passengers — and throughout their European adventure, Pratt has consistently and purposefully failed to capture a decent photo of himself and his female costar.

Pratt recently posted a “selfie” with Lawrence on Instagram, with the caption, “Finally got that selfie with Jen y’all wanted.” The only issue, of course, was that Chris conspicuously cut half of J. Law’s face out of the picture — in order to, presumably, make more room for his own handsome face.

The bad pics of the two costars didn’t end there.

Chris also managed to capture this timeless memory of himself, and the back of Jennifer’s head, with the pointedly ironic caption “Just hangin’ with my bestie, Jen.”

Just hanging with my bestie Jen. #passengersmovie

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And if that weren’t enough, Pratt even cut Lawrence out of a photo with Spanish YouTube personality, El Rubius.

Here Jen and I pose with @elrubiuswtf

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Classic Pratt.

Obviously, Pratt seems to be trolling Lawrence by perpetually cutting her face out of their “selfies” together — but perhaps he’s actually just trolling everybody who’s dying for a more candid photo of the two Passengers stars together.

Or, perhaps he’s just pointing out that J. Law has so much star power, it’s almost unfair to pose in a photo with her.

Either way, I personally hope these terrible selfies keep coming. Even if you’re trolling  us, Chris, it’s still pretty damn entertaining.

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