Lady Gaga Just Led A Backstage Singalong With The Victoria’s Secret Angels

Everyone needs a stellar soundtrack when pre-gaming for a big night — even lingerie models.

Lady Gaga is one of the key performers at this year’s Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show in Paris, and decided to use her vocal gifts to help pump up the models backstage before the show. Wearing a pink satin robe like the rest of the angels, Gaga led them all in a rendition of “Million Reasons.”

Warming up backstage at the #VSFashionShow with @ladygaga. Video by @coreytenold.

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While some of the girls were clearly at a loss as to song lyrics, they played it off pretty well — after all, it was more about the energy than anything else.

Some pretty nice improvised hand choreography from everybody, here.

Though this particular singalong is full of infectious, good vibes, the leaked footage of Gaga’s performance at the fashion show has already been labeled “off” and “uncomfortable” by some viewers — perhaps because Gaga’s latest album isn’t exactly full of party anthems that are perfect for strutting down the catwalk.

Either way, Gaga’s vocals are on point, as per usual.

Also, please note that, despite her comically tall shoes, Gaga is still barely taller than the models standing around her wearing flip-flops. Which proves that even mega-popstars can feel slightly out of place at a Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show.

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