11 People Share the Meanest Public Breakup They’ve Ever Witnessed

Relationships and living in major metropolitan areas often don’t mix. If I had a dollar for every time I saw a couple get into a knock-out brawl on the streets of New York City or Los Angeles, I wouldn’t need to be writing articles for extra cash. When you live in such a crowded area and you share an apartment roughly the size of a closet, chances are finding a quite and mellow place to talk through a relationship issue aren’t high.

I distinctly remember the first time I encountered a couple fighting in public in New York City. I was riding the 3 express train back to Washington Heights when a gay couple at the edge of the train was screaming at each other about who needed to wash the dishes. As the train rolled into a stop, one of the boys rushed off but not before spitting in his boyfriend’s face. I stood still, partially shocked;  partially because there was too many people on the train to really go anywhere but I was stunned by how candid and emotional they were in front of a train of strangers.

I wanted to know if other people have seen some intense fights out in public, so I asked my friends and here is what 11 of them had to say.

1. Spit-Take

“I think the meanest breakup I ever witnessed was in NYC when two guys were arguing about the other cheating on them. It was rush-hour and they were pressed really close to each other. The one who was being accused of cheating was crying and the other closed out the fight right before the stop by spitting in his face. On the 3 express train.” -Madison, 22

2. Satisfied?

“I saw a couple breakup right outside of Hamilton and the girl went into the show and told the ex that he was no longer allowed to see the show with her.” -Jesse, 29

3. Clubbing Each Other to Death

“In college I saw a couple break up in line for the club and as soon as I got in they both were trying to make out with different people than each other…” -Andi, 26

4. Long-Ass Flight

“I had a guy tell his girlfriend that he had cheated on her right before they boarded a 7 hour flight to NYC. She was sobbing and they were seated on the plane near me….calling it brutal would be too mellow.” -Brittany, 27

5. Before He Cheats Teas

“I saw a girl in a Walmart parking lot slash all her boyfriend’s tires while he watched because she had found out that he had slept with her best friend.” -Jennifer, 23

6. Weho Drama

“Oh man, I think the nastiest breakup I’ve seen was in West Hollywood when a guy was throwing out all this other guy’s clothes through a window and screaming about him sleeping with everyone in this city.” -Fallon, 25

7. Hot Take

“I’ve seen a girl dump a guy in a coffee shop and pour the cup of hot coffee all over his head as he tried to explain why he thought they should stay together.” -Whitney, 31

8. What a Pickle

“One time while grocery shopping in the store I witnessed a couple get into a huge argument in the jarred items aisle (is that a thing?) but the girl slapped a jar of pickles out of the guy’s hand and they shattered all over the floor and she just started laughing a really wicked, terrible laugh.” -Carmen, 29

9. Triple Attack

“I’ve seen a girl break up with a guy while out to dinner with her parents….the parents also got too involved in the conversation, pointing out everything that was wrong with him. It was like watching three people kick a puppy.” -Diego, 26

10. Email Chain

“The worst/ mean breakup I’ve ever seen is when a girl was sobbing at a Starbucks and I asked her what was wrong and she told me she just got emailed a picture of her boyfriend making out with another girl while he was studying abroad in Paris from someone else.” -Tiffany, 24

11. Go-Go Get A New Boyfriend

“By far when I saw a gay couple in Hollywood get into an actual fist-fight over one of them saying that a go-g0 dancer was hot.” -Oscar, 28

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