This Mom Meme’d Herself When Her Daughter Asked To Stay Out Late And Now I Want Her To Adopt Me

Most people think their mother is the best Mom on the entire planet, but this Mom might’ve just edged her way to the top of the ranks with one hilarious meme.

In case you aren’t as internet savvy as these two, the Evil Kermit meme has taken over the internet the last couple of weeks. The meme depicts Kermit the Frog talking to a hooded version of himself that represents the… darker side of humanity.

When 19-year old Taylor texted her Mom, Cheryl, about hanging out with her friends late one night, Cheryl replied in the most amazing way.

The internet instantly fell in love with Cheryl.

And a few people took it a step farther…

No chill.

And Taylor had a message for all the haters.

Forget the naysayers, Taylor. Cheryl’s got my vote for Coolest Mom of 2016.

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