Here’s The Fancy New Way To Pick A Hashtag For Your Wedding

If you post a photo from an event to the internet without a hashtag, did the event even really happen? Obviously not. A properly thought out hashtag, one that quite literally drives the theme of any event, is becoming one of the most important tasks to cross off of any organizer’s to-do list.

Everyone knows this. But only Marielle Wakim was smart enough to create a business—called Happily Ever Hashtagged—dedicated to it.

The arts and culture editor of Los Angeles magazine had created many pithy hashtags for friends, who then told their friends, who then told their friends. Having been to 20 weddings in just two years (#weddinculous), she realized there was clearly a need for this sort of thing. “Since I have a job that requires punning in some capacity on a daily basis, my friends always asked me to help with their personal hashtags, and I was honored,” Wakim tells Berry.

These days, having a really unique hashtag means that you’ll be able to find your photos on social media quickly, but a clever one adds to the overall wit and whimsy to the day.

It’s on this premise that Marielle combined her love for weddings and wordplay to start Happily Ever Hashtagged. A single hashtag for a wedding or other event runs you $40, or you can get three different ones for $85.

“Coming up with something truly clever is deceptively difficult,” says Wakim. “It takes more time than one might think.”

Initially, her clients get a pretty in-depth questionnaire that gives Wakim a better overall understanding of who they are and what they’re all about. I mean, the whole point of her business is to come up with something that very few people could think up on their own, so she prides herself on delivering something special and customized.

There is a method to her madness.

“I’ll take one part of a couple’s name and see what it rhymes with, and then see if those rhyming words have any idioms associated with them, and then I kind of work backwards.”

No matter how many times she creates hashtags, this wordplay warrior feels the excitement each time she lands on the perfect one. Some previous examples include #SharrahTysTheKnot for the wedding of Sharrah Robeson and Tyler Stevens and #MollyPicksUpTheTempo for Molly Goldbach and Chad Tempo. Cute, right?

Since launching in November, Happily Ever Hashtagged had about two clients per week. But in the last two days, her orders have quadrupled.

And now that she’s appeared on Good Morning America, chances are, her success will only skyrocket.

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